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This masterpiece basket of flowers is good for saying thank you.
This package includes 40 Lisantoos.
Honor the heart and soul of a loved one with this stunning tribute of pure white flowers.
This design is a combination of 50 Tuberose (Maryam) and 50 Chrysanthemum (Davoodi) with approximately 2 meters height.
A moment of silence in their honor. This white arrangement of 126 white Gelayol and 15 Chrysanthemum With aproximately 1.6 meters height is a sophisticated way to pay a quiet tribute.
This plentiful mix of prismatic flowers is a true delight!
This arrangement includes 7 Gerbera and 60 Lisantoos.
Even if you can't be there, these colorful, lively blooms are a thoughtful, aromatic way of wishing.
This arrangement includes 15 pink Orchid and 25 pink Freesia.
This luxurious collection of softly-colored flowers is just the thing to soothe mourning friends or family.
This arrangement of 150 white, red and pink Gelayol with approximately 3 meters height is a sophisticated way to pay a quiet...
When you can't be there to spend time with the one you adore, send your spirit along with these lovely spring bloomers.
This arrangement includes 3 Lilium and 8 white Rose.
Do you wish to see a smile on her face? Present her with this charming combination of white roses and greens and white baby's breath. This bouquet includes 19 white roses.
Beautiful display of the finest white flowers available makes up this stunning arrangement. Substituted baskets/arrangements are replaced with a basket of equal or better value
Sympathy wreaths have been a favored tribute for centuries and symbolize the eternity of life.