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This masterpiece basket of flowers is good for saying thank you.
This package includes 40 Lisantoos.
Honor the heart and soul of a loved one with this stunning tribute of pure white flowers.
This design is a combination of 50 Tuberose (Maryam) and 50 Chrysanthemum (Davoodi) with approximately 2 meters height.
A moment of silence in their honor. This white arrangement of 126 white Gelayol and 15 Chrysanthemum With aproximately 1.6 meters height is a sophisticated way to pay a quiet tribute.
This plentiful mix of prismatic flowers is a true delight!
This arrangement includes 7 Gerbera and 60 Lisantoos.
This luxurious collection of softly-colored flowers is just the thing to soothe mourning friends or family.
This arrangement of 150 white, red and pink Gelayol with approximately 3 meters height is a sophisticated way to pay a quiet...
When you can't be there to spend time with the one you adore, send your spirit along with these lovely spring bloomers.
This arrangement includes 3 Lilium and 8 white Rose.
Beautiful display of the finest white flowers available makes up this stunning arrangement. Substituted baskets/arrangements are replaced with a basket of equal or better value
Sympathy wreaths have been a favored tribute for centuries and symbolize the eternity of life.
One white chrysanthemum solid-flower cross with a cluster of red carnations is displayed on a stand. This striking red and white cross honors your loved one in a faithful way. This arrangement is appropriate for a funeral or memorial service. You can...
This traditional spray, filled with white carnations, chrysanthemums and gladioli, makes the promise that love is eternal