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Here's what they've been saying about us lately:

Canada - May/17/2010
Thank You So Much Gift to Iran, your service is excelent. to be honest with you guys. I've never thought there is such a magnificent service. you service is fast and reliable. keep up the good work Your's Truly, Ahoora

Ahoora Samiei
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

Canada - May/11/2010
Thank you for your excellent service for Mother's day. The flower and the cake were perfect. your service is the best. Cheers

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - May/10/2010
I want to thank you for your services. Every thing was good and iam so happy to work with you. Please just try keep it in this way. Once again thank you and have a good day. Nooshin

Nooshin Gharamsini
USA - Irvine, California

Canada - May/5/2010
I'm pleased with the whole process. It was nice shopping from you.

Canada - Vancouver

USA - April/30/2010
with special Thanks ,,Excellent services ,Thank you my order really delivered i request at the time ,Please add paypal option for further , With best for gift to Iran team , sincerely, oroomi

Hamid Oroomi
USA - Bronx

United kingdom - April/28/2010
Fantastic service as ever!!! Many thanks.

Affy Scott
United kingdom - London

USA - April/26/2010
Everything seems to have worked well, was accurate and on time. Thank you.

Barzin Omidi

Canada - April/9/2010
Thanks a bunch. This was another great service. Cannot wait for Mother's day. Great products and excellent delivery. Cheers

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

United Arab Emirates - April/17/2010
Thank you again one more time for your professionalism and your prompt delivery on time.

United Arab Emirates - Sharjah

USA - April/14/2010
As always, a superb service. I have been sending gifts to Iran through for years now and am very pleased with the service that they have provided me. Their team members in Iran are very polite and professional. My thanks go out to Mrs Habibi in Iran for following up on my orders, The customer service is excellent. Keep up the good work. Best regards,

Mohsen Kamarei
USA - Schaumburg. IL

Canada - April/11/2010
At first ,i was really worried about sending flowers to iran on time with a reliable website however,your services showed who good you are. Thanks for your Fresh Flowers and fast delivery. i will Recommend your services to those who like to send Fresh and pretty flowers to Iran with fast delivery and reliable services.

USA - Toronto, Canada

USA - March/29/2010
Your service was very good on time , nicely delivered and good quality thank you

USA - Pennsylvania

Canada - March/27/2010
Thank you for the service, my gift arrived and my family were pleased with it. A suggestion: If you could reduce the cost, we can place orders more often. For example, I was looking for buying a camera but the price was 3 times more than the similar product in the stores; the same for perfumes.

L. Mayboudi
Canada - Ontario

Canada - March/23/2010

Canada - Richmond Hill, Ontario

USA - March/22/2010
Thanks a lot, it is so plasure for us as a customer for gift to Iran and also I am so thankful for the delivery our flower on time. Happy Norooz and I hope you and all my good people in my country have a wonderful and shiny days throughout of this year.

USA - Texas

USA - March/21/2010
I ordered a gift of a fruit basket to be delivered to my friends in Karaj for Nowruz. Gift to Iran had the basket delivered the night before, and everyone in the family enjoyed both the fruit and the thought. Gift to Iran, mamnoon for your usual great service.

USA - Port Reading, New Jersey

USA - March/19/2010
Many thanks, your services are greatly appreciated. I know my aunt will be thrilled with the flowers.

mtra aryanpour
USA - Falls Church, Virginia

United kingdom - March/19/2010
Once agian - thank you for a fast service - absolutley perfect - as usual

Affy Scott
United kingdom - London

Canada - March/18/2010
I just have to say Thank you for your reliabel and fast service. It was my first time and will not be the lat. Thank you again.

Canada- Ottawa, Ontario

USA - March/18/2010
This was a wonderful transaction. It was fast, and the delivery staff were incredibly kind and helpful! Great Company!

USA - South Carolina

Canada - March/18/2010
wonderful service, wonderful product.

Canada - St. John's, Newfoundland

USA - March/18/2010
This was the first time that I ordered from your website and I wasn't sure how is going to turn out. But with your prompt delivering of my gift to Iran such a short notice and also notifying me of my gift delivering there, became your future customer. I just want to thank you and I wish all of you at GIFTTOIRAN.COM a very happy Norooz and prosper New Year. thank you very much

USA - New Prot Richey Florida

Germany - March/15/2010
Dear GiftToIran Team, I want to thank you for excellent costumer care and professional service rendered. I ordered through your website a gift to be delivered the day after. The payment went smooth and easy, and the very next day I receive two related e-mails: One from your company telling me that the gift has been delivered. The other e-mail from my girlfriend in Tehran thanking me for a beautiful gesture. Your website is absolutely excellent, easy to navigate and never confusing. I will surely use your services again.

Andre Hein
Germany - Berlin

USA - March/15/2010
I want to thank you for such a great service. you made it possible for me to celebrate every occasion with my family despite being away thousands of miles from them. I wish you, your team, and your family a happy healthy norouz:)

USA - Riverside, California

Canada - March/13/2010
if you know who i am please respond. thanks

nasser ghaderi
Canada - Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada - March/12/2010
Thank you very much for your excellent service. We are very happy and satisfied with your service. God Bless

Canada - Toronto, Ontgario

USA - March/12/2010
I found gift web site is really a great resource for iranian people . This is the second year I have used thier services, I found it user friendly and very convenient and the service was great. It made BIG smile on on my mom face with the flowers they got.

USA - New York, New York

Canada - March/3/2010
thank you very much your service was great and quick.

Canada - Calgary, Alberta

Canada - March/1/2010
Excellent quality and delivery. The delivery is perfect which accompanied with Iranian kindness. Very good communication. I will definitely shop for Nooroz. I am very glad which I could find this website. Thank you

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - February/24/2010
Thank you for your wonderful service!

USA - State College PA

Canada - February/17/2010
Thank you very much for your service .. I will recommend your website to my friends .. Mehdi

Canada - Montreal, Quebec

USA - January/29/2010
I am very satisfied with your prompt and professional service. I will come back soon to buy more gift for my family in Iran.

USA - Mclean, Virginia

United kingdom - January/26/2010
Excellent Service.. Quick delivery..Thanks for the extra rose.. Recommended website..Hadnt face any problem till now..

United kingdom - London

USA - January/26/2010
thank you for your service and your prompt respond. my mother was very happy and flatered by the service you have provided in Tehran. keep up a good work.

esfandiar ilkhan bakhtiar
USA - Falls Church, Virginia

USA - January/12/2010
Thank you for every thing, I am so happy to find you, your service is the best. I will recomend you to all my friends and family. I will support you in the future. I will have another birthday in february, which i will use your service again. wish the best for you. thanks again alot. .

Nirvana Fard
USA - Valencia, California

Canada - January/14/2010
Salam. Man baraye baare 2vom az tarighe in site chizi ferestadam Iran & mikham begam ke servicetoon vaghean HARF NADARE. Aval az har chiz, customer servicetoon is number 1; kheili mehraboon & khosh-barkhord hastan & vaghti ke peygham mizari belafasele tamas migiran. Mozooye 2vom daghigh boodan dar zamane delivery hast; sor'ate amaletoon harf nadare, order ro daghighan be moge delivery mikonan & har 2 dafei ke man chizi order dadam, kasani ke daryaft kardan besyar razi boodan ham az order ham az service. In KHEILI mohemme ke adam in motmaeniyato dashte bashe ke kasi ke order ro daryaft mikone az service raziye (barkorde kasi ke order ro miyare dare khoone, kasi ke telephone mikone vase confirm kardane zamane delivery) & ehsas mikone ke "special" hast. Man be shoma & hamkaranetoon eftekhar mikonam & tashakor mikonam baabate service e binaziretoon.

Canada - Quebec

USA - January/7/2010
Your service is wonderful :) I will use your service again and I will recommend it to my friends. Thank you & see you soon.

USA - Palo Alto, California

United Kingdom - January/6/2010
Happy new year. You did a great job to sending flower to my family in Iran. I will definitely use your service in near future.

United Kingdom- Birmingham, West midlands

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