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Here's what they've been saying about us lately:

Germany - December/25/2009
Khyli sepazgozaram az zahmati ke keshidid, shad bashid

Dr. Pakroo
Germany - Frankfort

Malaysia - December/8/2009
The gift was delivered with a very good quality and quite on time! Thanks a lot!


USA - November/23/2009
Thank you very much. The kind of feedback which I received from my family members in Tehran was such that they'd really liked the way you'd prepared the presents. I hope you continue to better your services and I continue to order gifts from you to Iran.

Hesam Mirzaee
USA - Raleigh, North Carolina

USA - November/22/2009
prompt delivery! Thanks again for your Fabulous service! my only concern is the problem with your USA & Canada number. Despite my repeated efforts I was unable to reach you on that line and had to make an international call to your local office in Iran to make sure my order is through!

USA - Austin , Texax

USA - October/14/2009
Thank you for delivering my message ,and I'm glad that you reminded me about date , as usual you guys did a good job ,Meant a lot to me. Sincerely ,

mehrassa khorram
USA - Davie , Florida

USA - October/12/2009
Thanks for the great and on-time service. I expected, however, receiving a picture as it was requested.

USA - South Windsor, Connecticut

USA - October/8/2009
Thank you for the beautiful flower you sent my mom.....It was truely beautiful

USA - Lombard, Illinois

United kingdom - October/7/2009
Thank you for a timely delivery. I also asked for the photo of the recipient as an option but this has not been delivered or referred to. Please advise when this will be delivered with thanks

Prof Ali Hessami
United kingdom - London

USA - October/4/2009
great job , thanks a million , on time delivery and wonderful service , I would introduce your website to all my friends. hope that you could keep it up and give the same service.

USA - Tucson, Arizona

USA - October/3/2009
As always every things was greet. Only thing is for the second time they forgot to take a picture which I request that.

kazem Tehrani
USA - wichita, Kansas

Canada - September/16/2009
well done!

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

Canada - September/4/2009
Very good service, I had never heard my grandma's voice so joyful on the phone when she called me after receiving the flowers, she said they were the most beautiful flowers she has ever seen, I am really satisfied by your service and will definitely use your site again to send my family gifts. The only thing is that there was no picture taken of my Grandma because that is only available in Tehran and not Shiraz. You guys should really get that going in Shiraz too, also she never got the I love you baloon with it :(. overall great service she loved the card, thank you SO MUCH for this

Ali Daneshvar
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - August/26/2009
Good job! Thank you so much!

USA - Irvine, California

USA - August/10/2009
I was wondering how you know if a photo was taken at the time of a delivery.?

Kim Nemati
USA - Oak Hill, West Virginia

USA - August/3/2009
Thank You for the good service. I hope your buisines goes well.

mehrnaz shahriari
USA - saginaw, Michigan

USA - July/21/2009
Hi Thank you so much for your services. I have some points to help you giving better services in the future. Please check your security of the payment page in your website. After I paid your bill by credit card, my credit card has been subject of fraud and I canceled the card etc.. so please make sure for the security. Second is your phone service (for any information or order nobody answer and you have to leave a message and your answeringmashin was full for two days. I asked if possible as your website propose to take a picture of the person with a gift , unfortunately that was not proposed . thank you for your service and hope everything will be improve by time morvarid.

morvarid kabir
USA - Valley village, California

USA - July/20/2009
The flowers are really beautiful.

USA - Santa Monica, California

USA - July/12/2009
Thank you for the delivery and excellent service. Please add more products

Behnaz T.
USA - Wichita, Kansas

Canada - July/6/2009
your service is veru good. thanks

alireza zavalat
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

France - June/30/2009
thank you very much for the flowers we are very happy about your service and we will recommend you to our friends

Parvaneh Borojeni
France – Chatillon

USA - June/26/2009
I heard from my family in Tehran about delivery which was so on time and perfect. Thanks

USA – Houston, Texas

Germany - June/20/2009
ba tashakor faravan az doostane khobam dar gift to iran. omidvaram ke hamishe dar kareton movafagh bashid va service khobeton ro edameh bedid

Germany – NRW

United Kingdom - June/14/2009
Thank you so very much for the fast delivery. I only sent the order the night before Mother's Day and you delivered the beautiful flowers with the card the very next day. I certainly recommend your service to other customer's, especially the ones who think it is too late to send the gift out to their loved ones for their special day!

United kingdom – London

Canada - June/14/2009
I really appreciate your service. Your fast and ontime delivery plus extras you added to the gift are anvaluable. You made this mother's day a perfect one for us. I am looking forward to having more business with you.

Ali Dalir
Canada – Calgary, Alberta

USA - June/7/2009
It was a pleasure doing business with you guys. I found you to be very prompt! You responded well to my communications via online chat service and the item reached its destination on time! what else can i ask for. However, if you can expand your services to cities like Babol too, that would be wonderful. specifically in terms of more gift options and perhaps an extension of the picture service as well. thanks again.

USA – Cary, North Carolina

USA - June/4/2009
Very useful service. please continue your good job.

USA – Irvine, California

USA - June/2/2009
The service was great! Even though it was a national holiday in Iran, a very nice lady made some phone calls and arrangements for the delivery to happen the same day. Thank you very much for your service.

Zohreh Karimian
USA – Duluth, Minnesota

USA - May/18/2009
Job was done correctly and precisely. Thank you.

Davoud Firouz
USA – Melbourne, Florida

Germany - May/16/2009
I thank for this service. It made both me and my parents very happy.

Samanta Farmanian
Germany – Berlin

USA - May/14/2009
Your servicce is good and Iam glad that I can use your site to send gift for my family. Your delivery and your product were good and again thank you. I hope that you can keep this site as good as it is.

Nooshin Gharamsini
USA – Irvine, California

USA - May/14/2009
Just writing you to say thanks for your great help.....All the items I ordered were delivered on time and u have no idea how much happiness you have given me

Sara Eftekhari
USA – Louisville, Kentucky

USA - May/12/2009
Thanks for the response. I confirmed that the order is delivered. I really appreciate your customer service. Of all the online shopping sites, I found your site to have the best customer service.

USA – Sacramento, California

USA - May/11/2009
I am using ur service to send gifts to iran regularly from last 2-3 years. I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of the gift which i sent till the date. I am highly recomending this site to all others who want to send the gifts to Iran for their family and friends.

Tara Fatemi
USA – Charleston, West Virginia

Canada - May/7/2009
My Overall experience with the site is wonderful.

Pegah F.
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Canada - April/23/2009
perfect.thank you guys

Canada – Waterloo, Ontario

Canada - April/21/2009
You guys rock. I love you so much.

farnoosh khaloei
Canada – Brandon, Manitoba

USA - April/17/2009
Perfect !!!

USA – Lombard, Illinois

USA - April/10/2009
just perfect ,thanks.

reza ahmadpour
USA – herndon, Virginia

USA - April/3/2009
Thank you for your excellent service and quality! I was able to send my fiance and his family something special for Norouz. I will definitely use again for other gifts.
Sal e No Mobarak 1388

USA – New Britain, Connecticut

USA - April/3/2009
Your service was very good, thank you

USA – Bryn Mawr , Pennsylvania

United kingdom - April/1/2009
Dear Gift to Iran Team,
Just wanted to say thankyou so much in keeping me updated with my order and verified any problems to me at each stage until my order was delivery it's much appeciated and also your staff at your customer services section are very poliet and helpful, as I didn't think sending gifts to Iran could be so easy and proficient. Thank you again

Miss Shora Azizi
United kingdom – London, England

Canada - March/27/2009
ba tashakor faravan az zahamate bi darighe shoma. ba arezeoye sali khob. omidvaram ke service shoma ha rooz behtar az diroz beshe

Canada – Vancouver, BC

USA - March/21/2009
thank u very much for everything... the recipient of the flowers was quite surprised and happy - he sent me a picture of them and i thought they looked really good.. he also told me that your guy who came to the house was very nice - so please thank your delivery person for me too. best wishes for the new year!

USA – Shelton, Connecticut

USA - March/21/2009
As always I a very pleased with your products and service and most importantly of your professionalism in handling the orders. Many thanks, and Happy Norouz

mitra aryanpour
USA – Falls Church, Virginia a

United kingdom - March/17/2009
Once again, thank you for a wonderful service and prompt delivery.

Affy Scott
United kingdom – London

USA - March/13/2009
Dear Friend, Thank you so much for being there to provide such wonderful service. It 's really great feeling to be able to send a gift to our parent to let them know we love them so much. I really enjoy talking to komviz, he is such nice man, very kind and caring. I wish you best success in your business, which bring joy to so many people life. Best wishes,

Helen Sigsby
USA – East GreenBush, New York

Germany - March/12/2009
sali khobi ro baraton arezon mikonam. hamishe movafagh bashid va inshalah ke serviceton hamishe intori khob bemone

Sanaz N.
USA – Berlin

USA - March/10/2009
Thank you. A+

USA – Salt Lake City, Utah

USA - March/8/2009
I just want to say : Thank you so so much fo all of your team. You always do the great job.

Behzad Yazdanpanah
USA – Arlington, Virginia

Canada - March/7/2009
Thank you for everything.

Canada – Toronto, Onario

South Korea - March/6/2009
I love this website! The service is great. They are quick and on time! I ordered a cake for my father this time (which was my fifth time using this site) My father said the cake quality was really good and fresh. Thank you so much.

South Korea – Seoul

Canada - March/4/2009
This is my third time using this website for sending gift to Iran. I am amazed by the service and the quality.

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

United Arab Emirates - March/3/2009
I would recommend to my friends in dubai. thanks for your great service.
Thanks again

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

United Kingdom- February/25/2009
I am so impressed with your speedy and swift service, I will definitely use you again. The people who I sent gifts, said that gifts were beautifully wrapped.

Nazanin Sarshar
United Kingdom– London

Canada- February/24/2009
i am very appreciate to yau. you are very on time have a grate time.

Canada– Burnaby, BC

USA - February/22/2009
As for suggestions, it would be great to expand on the list of services and goods,.. and more pictures of places and areas.

Mona Soltani
USA – Dublin, California

Canada - February/18/2009
Hi, I received the pictures and I appreciate you taking those for us.hope we can use your great service again in the future.

Leada S.
Canada– Montreal, Quebec

USA - February/15/2009
thanks the service was great. appreciate your bussiness. i 'll recommend you to friends.

mort mohammadzadeh
USA – Newburgh, Indiana

Canada - February/15/2009
You have done your service very well.I appreciated from your team. with regards

Canada – Vancouver, BC

USA - February/15/2009
Perfect and on time.

Saleh Madani
USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - February/15/2009
Gift to ran caused I loose my friendship with the seconf female friend I had in Iran. I did send gifts to two of my female friends in Iran for the Valentine's Day. Unfortunetly the employees of GTI were not trained enough and revealed that to the second female friend of mine that I had another female friend and also was sending gift! once I brought this incident to the customer service of GTI. She simply said "Mr. Shahram why you didn't tell your second female friend that the gift was for your sister". Well this the way GTI thought they needed to solve and wash off their poor business responsibility. Mr. Kambeez had promised to look to the matter and personally call me back. I have not heard from him yet! I'm not going to order anymore through GTI and I will seek the very least to recover the money I spent on this episode from them!

USA – Washington, DC

United kingdom - February/14/2009
Thank you all! You let me to make my loved one happy on valentine's day, with your service! I really appreciate that! Keep the good work!

United kingdom – Tyne and Wear

USA - February/14/2009
Like always... I'm very happy with your service. Again keep up the good work so that I know where I should order my gifts to Iran.

Armin Shahrokni
USA – Ansonia, Connecticut

USA - February/13/2009
Thank you for delivering the flowers. I appreciate the services of transcribing the message on a card, and also of sending us a photograph of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Thank you.

Carl Clemens
USA – Columbus, Ohio

USA - February/13/2009
Dear team Gift To Iran : Thank you so much for you service and i'm sure i will have work with you soon.

USA – Arlington, Virginia

USA - February/9/2009
Thank you so much!!! Your service is awesome. My parents told me that the roses were beautiful and the gentleman who delivered them was very nice. Also thanks for the pictures. It’s very unique and a definite bonus. Great service and great prices.


USA - February/9/2009
Thank you so much!!! This was such a fantastic offering - the roses & the pictures of my parents!!! I've checked out your website. Your business model provides many smart & unique offerings. The picture is a definite bonus. Great service & thanks again.

Farin Osborn
USA – Searsport, Maine

France - February/7/2009
It is a great service, I will use your serive again in the near future.

France – Paris

United kingdom - February/2/2009
It is a wonderful service and has a very untime delivery thank you for bringing happiness to our families who are far away from us.

United kingdom – Leeds, West Yorkshire

Kuwait - January/28/2009
Mamnon az serviceton. Khoda negahdareton.

Ali Shirbeagi
Kuwait – al Kuwayt

USA - January/25/2009
A remarkable Fast and customer service orientated Service. Will definitely use your services again.

USA – Englewood, Chicago

USA - January/20/2009
I really appreciate your job... That was just great...I think everything is just perfect with the website. The delivery was also great and fast. I had two orders so far for my Mom and Dad and I think I will continue ordering things from this website since it is just great... I love the picture of my Mom taken while she was receiving the gift..... Thanks...

Ramin V.
USA – East lansing, Michigan

USA - January/19/2009
I want to thank you for a good delivery the gift for my sister. You did a good job. All my family are in Theran and I like to send them gifts and I will use your site. Sorry that Iam sending the e-mil so late because Iam so buzy. Once angain thank you. Have a good day

USA – Irvine, California

Australia - January/15/2009
Dear gift to iran team, thanks for your fast and excellent service. I recived a phone call from Iran and they was very happy.

Mehdi Teymori
Australia - Sydney

USA - January/13/2009
thank you four all you did is the best service i have seen in tehran.

kevin Khadem
USA – Old bridge, New Jersey

Canada - January/12/2009
Ba tashakore faravan az shoma.

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Japan - January/6/2009
Man 17 saale ke az khanevadam dar iran door hastam va chandin bar az site shoma sefaresh kadoo daadam. omidvaram ke service khobeton ro hamchenan negah darid ta betonim ba azizanemon dar iran az tarighe site shoma dar ertebat bashim. ba tashakore faravan

Japan – Tokyo

USA - January/6/2009
The service was great. They delivered my package in less than 20 hours to Iran. I ordered the gift last night at 6 pm and today at 10, they recieved it in Tehran. I am gonna continue sending gifts by this company. Thanks a lot.

USA – , Illinois

Canada - January/5/2009
Your service was prompt and courtious.

Ramin khedmatGozar
Canada – Ottawa, Ontario

Sweden - January/5/2009
Doostane khobam dar gift to iran, mikhastim azaton bekhatere zahmati ke keshidid va khanevadeye ma ro khoshal kardid azaton tashakor konim. omidvarim ke hamishe movafagh bashid.

Sharareh & Babak
Sweden – Gδvle

Australia - January/4/2009
your service is perfect. I will use your company againt to send flower to iran for my family.

F. Soleymani
Australia – Sydney, NSW

United Arab Emirates - January/2/2009
Looking forward to have more business with you. Regards,

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

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