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Here's what they've been saying about us lately:

Australia - December/30/2007
You provided a great service.

Australia - Sydney

USA - December/28/2007
The flowers was so beautiful. Thanks again.

USA - Brooklyn, New York

USA - December/25/2007
Your selection is absolutely fabulous!!! I'll be using your service in the future, soon.

Zohreh & Saeed
USA - Dublin, California

France - December/12/2007
Dear Gifttoiran , You did the best service and I am proud of you. please add more book and movie to your site. thank you again

Steve Hedayati
France– Paris

USA - December/1/2007
I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you for creating this Website.

USA – Ames, Iowa

USA - November/29/2007
I saw the picture you took from my grandma with the flowers, I didn't think the flowers are going to be as nice as you have them on your website but for sure it was the same if not better, thank you very much, you maid my grandma and the rest my family very happy, may your hearts be filled with joy and happiness every day.

USA – Davis, California

USA - November/27/2007
Hello Thanks again one more time for everything. I m still waiting for the picture you got from the recipient. However everything else was really perfect and you guys did a great job thanks

USA – Scottsdale, Arizona

Canada - November/21/2007
this website is great, thank you

USA – Toronto, Ontario

Sweden - November/10/2007
I would like to thank you for your service from the beautiful gift to the end. It is awesome, keep it up. I am sure that I will use your service in the near future.

Sweden – Stockholm

Canada- November/9/2007
Hi, your service was great as usual and I will definitely use you again. Also sorry for the miss understanding, my Mom did receive a free phone card.
Thanks again

Canada – Brampton, Ontario

USA - November/6/2007
salam.jeddan az in service khoobetoon mamnoonam.vaghean mersi.hame chiz dorosto be moghe anjam shod.mesle hamishe you are the best.I love your service.It`s awesome.thank you so much for everything.Gift To Iran is the Best forever.

USA – Houston, Texas

USA - November/2/2007
Great service as always. Thanks

USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - November/1/2007
great service is provided .

USA – Malden, Massachusetts

Canada - October/28/2007
Thank you very much for your fast and best service.I will defenetly refer you to my friends.
Best regards,

Behzad Shadzik
Canada – Ottawa, Ontario

USA - October/24/2007

USA – Scottsdale,Arizona

USA - October/24/2007
Thank you for great service. Placing order online was very easy and quick. You have certainly superseded my expectation on professionalism and service.

USA – Corvallis, Oregon

USA - October/19/2007
I would like to thank you for your timely services. I placed the order online around 24 hrs ahead for flower delivery for my daughter's birthday in Iran, Esfahan. She was surprised by the beautiful flower basket and the free CD- She told me the quality of the flowers and the arrangement was outstanding.
Great Job- would definitely use your services again.

Megan Kermani
USA – Pleasanton, California

USA - October/16/2007
Thank you for your excellent service.

USA – Woodstock, Georgia

New Zealand - October/12/2007
Many thanks for your fast and good services. it was a pleasure to shop from you guys.

New Zealand – Auckland

Canada - October/8/2007
Thanks for your good service. I'm totally satisfied.

Canada – Halifax, NS

USA - October/7/2007

USA – Alexandria, Virginia

United kingdom - October/3/2007
easy to use website, good and on time service, great as always, I have used your services several times and I recommend it to all my firends ... thanks

United kingdom – London

USA - September/17/2007

USA – Schaumbug, Illinois

United kingdom - September/15/2007
this is second times that i send a gift to Iran by this way. It is great and fast and i would like to say thanks anyway.

Ali Pishro
United kingdom – Manchester

Australia - September/13/2007
Perfect service once again. Thank you team GiftToIran, I've been a happy customer for more than 2 years now, and after not once missing a deadline or stuffing an order, I decided it was time for me to tell you how much I appreciate your service. Hats off to you. If only more Iranian businesses could provide such timely and organised services...

Aryan Ameri
Australia – Victoria, Melbourne

USA - September/8/2007
i am really thankful about your service it was on time i just wonder to know why you didn't send me the picture that you took from my frined when you delivered flowers please send me the picture if it is possible thank you

USA – Glendale, California

USA - September/8/2007
Thank you so much for your outstanding service and on time delivery.The flower arrangement was gorgeous,and my parents were really surprised.That was a great experience for me to use,and i will do it again and recommend it to all my friends.good luck and thanks again.

USA – Encino, California

United kingdom - September/6/2007
I just want to say thank you sooooo much,it was right on time and ofcourse everything had the highest quality possible.I'd definately recommend it to everyone.keep up the good job guys xxxx

United kingdom – London

USA - September/4/2007
Excellent service. Prompt order processing and delivery. Thank you.

Farhad Radpour
USA – Danville, California

United kingdom - September/1/2007
Thank you, it was on time. I am very happy with your service.

Davood Nejad zolfaghari
United kingdom – London

USA - August/27/2007
This was my second experience with Service and follow-up were excellent. Will continue to do business. Thank you.

Saeed Eslambolchi
USA – Afton, Virginia

Turkey - August/27/2007
I would like to thank you for delivering my gifts so quickly. I am so impressed with your speedy service, Iwill definitely use again.

Turkey - Istanbul Technical University

USA - August/23/2007
Once again many thanks for your great service.

Sharifeh SHirazi
USA – Potomac, Maryland

United kingdom - August/22/2007
I am very happy with your service and I will use your services in the future and recommend it to others. Many Thanks.

Payam Javadian
United kingdom – Darlington

USA - August/18/2007
Ba arze salam va tashakore beseyar zeyad az zahamate shoma. Az rooze ke man ba in web site ashnayee peyda kardam tamame karha baram asoontar shode va az in taregh khanevade am ra ba hadayaye beseyar zeba ghafelgeer kardam. Dar zemn gheymatha beseyar alee hastand.

USA – Gaithersburg, Maryland

Canada - August/16/2007
My dad loved the cake! Thanks for your service:)

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Canada - August/15/2007
Great Service! Delicious Cake! Brought an amazing memory and terrific smile! Can't thank you enough!

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Norway - August/12/2007
Great thanks to your company for a good service and timing. I am very satisfied with your service.

Norway – Akershus, Bærum

USA - August/8/2007
Thank you for your excellent sevices.

Dr. Fereydoon Sadri
USA – Bellevue, Washington

USA - August/5/2007
I must say, this has been a great experience ordering through you guys. Very easy to use site as well as friendly customer service that get things DONE. FANTASTIC JOB...!!! will use your services again.

USA – Danville, California

USA - August/3/2007
Thank you so much for the wonderful service. We are extremely satisfied with the level of courtesy and service provided. Rest assured that we will continue to use your services in the future. Your contact in Iran was very kind and service was fantastic. Please relay our gratitude.

USA – Mclean, Virginia

Canada - July/23/2007
I was absolutely satisfied with your service. Your delivery was surprisingly on-time, and the tracking the order message was sent within a few hours after the delivery. And your prices are very reasonable. Good luck and Keep doing the good job!

Canada – Ottawa, Ontario

USA - July/23/2007
Thank you so much for your nice service and I really appreciate that.

USA – Laguna hills, California

Australia - July/18/2007
I'm very thankful because of your nice job and I would like to send more Gifts for other situation with your Gift to Iran Website.
Best Regards

Mahtab Ghezelayagh
Australia – NSW

USA - July/17/2007
Thank you for fast delivery and great service.

Alireza Haddadi
USA – Tigard, Oregon

USA - July/14/2007
There are a lot of sites offering flowers to Iran, and I've tried all of them. This is the best site because they are professional, their prices are very reasonable, and their service is prompt. They've made me a long term customer with their excellent service!

Bruce B
USA – San Francisco, California

Germany - July/14/2007
I would like to thank you again for your great service. It is fantastic ! I give you 20 of 20. Dastetun dard nakone.

Ehsan Haghighat
Germany – Berlin

United kingdom - July/11/2007
thanks for your mother recieved my gift .she really surprised.thanks again. i will order more things in future.
with ragard .

United kingdom – Devon, Plymouth

USA - July/9/2007
Thank you for your prompt delivery I appreciate your great service and excellent communication.

Dr. Mohammad Zahraee
USA – Naperville, Illinois

Australia - July/9/2007
Thanks good delivery.

Australia – Perth

Germany - July/7/2007
Dear GiftToIran team, This was the first time I used your service and I must say that I am very pleased with your service and the amount of care that you give to your customers. In my case an item wasn't available at the time of delivery and your agent was so kind to call me (in Germany) and to arrange an alternative so that the delivery of my order was still on time and to my 110% satisfaction. It's refreshing to know that I don't ever need to use any other service other than yours and that I can absolutely count on getting the best service for my money and some more.
Again thank you and I will highly recommend your service and let others enjoy it as much as I did.

Keyvan Shahmohammadi
Germany – Butzbach

Netherlands - July/7/2007
Salaam va dorood e faraavaan, Hediyeh be dast e maadaram resid. Besyaar sepaas-gozaarim.

Netherlands – Tilburg

United kingdom - July/7/2007
It was wonderful

Sina Abbasi
United kingdom – Bolton

Canada - July/6/2007
Thank you very much for your service. It was awesome! I think I was lucky to find your e-store just by searching through Google!

Canada – North York, Ontario

USA - July/6/2007
Very good services. Thanks Gift to Iran :)

USA – Mclean, Virginia

USA - July/6/2007
Thanks again for on time delivery and the great service. I could not be there, but my mother's day gift made it there on-time and made my mom very happy!

USA – Cranston, Rhode Island

Netherland - July/6/2007
Really good job! Thanks for your great service.Good luck.

Netherland – Spijkenisse

USA - July/6/2007
Thank you so much for your good customer service. My sister got very surprised and happy. I wish you could send the exact cake or similar cake that was in the picture. I had ordered to write on the cake tavalodet mobarak but instead it was written on the cake doostetan darim. Overall I am happy with your service. I am glad you have this kind of business for us who are far away from our family. Thanks again.

USA – Aliso Viejo , california

USA - July/6/2007
your service was perfect!the only thing i didn't appreciate was,the flower shop,calling my mother 2 days before,telling her to be at home on the 5th,to receive her flowers!!!!!!! for me the important was the surprise part,to receive the flower the exact day,BY SURPRISE! THANKS ANYWAY

afshin zadeh
USA – Gilroy , California

USA - July/6/2007
Great Job.....! Thank YOU

USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - July/6/2007
Thank you for your courteous and punctual people in Iran. This was my third purchase in two months and I am absolutely delighted with your service. Glad I found you. No more trips to the post office, no guess work.

USA – Phoenix / Arizona

Sweden - July/6/2007
Merci az kare zibaton.

Sweden – Stockholm

United kingdom - July/2/2007
Great service, I'm really pleased with your work. for sure I'll use and recommend your service Thank you very much

United kingdom – London

USA - June/30/2007
I like to thank you for the beautiful basket of Maryam flowers you delivered .Your service was excellent .They had it in less than eighteen hours and there were very fresh.

USA – Dix Hills, New York

Australia - June/26/2007
How beautiful it is to show your love and feelings to someone who you love even thousands of miles far from you. This site will provide us this opportunity and it is deeply appreciated.

Australia – Sydney

USA - June/26/2007
Excellent service I couldn't ask for more, on time delivery and according to the needs of the customers. I would recommend it to anybody want to send something on time to Iran.

Eric Yousefian
USA – Tujunga, California

USA - June/25/2007
This website is perfect. My gift was delivered on time and it was packaged so beautifully. I also loved recieving the picture of the person recieving the was very thoughtful. I will definatly be back. Thank you!

USA – Miami, Florida

USA - June/23/2007
Wonderful service, great communication and scheduling. The cake was delivered on time and unfortunately, we just heard it was tasty!!! Keep it up guys.

USA – Hohokus, New Jersey

USA - June/20/2007
I was a first time user and didnt know how this would work?! The service was fine and as I heared flowers were ok too, tought it was not a surprise that I wanted to be because of the several calls the delivery person had made to deliver the flowers. Good job .I`ll be back again.

azadeh sahbaee,
USA – e palo alto, California

Canada- June/19/2007
Excellent service, I am definitely going to use your services in the future, and I have already told about your website to many friends of mine. Thank you.

sara naghibi,
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - June/17/2007
vaghean mersi bekhatere service aalitoon.azinke gifte mano be moghe resoondin vaghean mamnoonam.GIFT TO IRAN is the best.

USA – Houston, Texas

USA - June/9/2007
Very good. We are quite satisfied on both ends. Thanks

USA – Valley Park, Missouri

USA - June/7/2007
Thank you for your kindness and for your beautiful delivery. It was just perfect! Love Joy and Peace

Golriz Jahangiri,
USA – Valley Park, Missouri

USA - May/26/2007
Great service as always. Thanks

USA – Valley Park, Missouri

Canada- May/25/2007
it was perfect , I am so happy with your service , Thank you in advance , and specialy to Mr kambiz , so helpful gentelman .

Mohammadreza azimi,
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - May/21/2007
gift to iran is great i can get in touch with my in laws and send many gift for special occations,I am not iranian and is important for me that with gift to iran I can let my in laws I love them

Milagros Missaghi,
USA – San Francisco , California

USA - May/20/2007
The flowers were great based on what I hear but you had also included my message from my previous order to my current order. I was sending "get well" flowers and my current message PLUS my message of "Happy Anniversairy" from my previous order was written on the card too ! Also there was no single rose with the card. You guys do a great job over all , I just think the kids in Iran need to pay more attention to details :-) Thank you

USA – Winnetka , California

USA - May/16/2007
The service from was really great; I was able to talk on the phone with a representative; the gift was delivered on time and in the exact same way it was descried. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Azadeh Gorgani,
USA – Dallas, Texas

USA - May/15/2007
From what I heard, everything was delivered on time, in an appropriate and presentable way. My mom said "the cake was really deliciouse." Thanks, it meant a lot to me. Shadee

shadee assayesh,
USA – Great Falls, virginia

USA - May/15/2007

minoo miremadi,
USA – Irvine, California

USA - May/15/2007
Excellent service. I've used this website multiple times and I'm very very happy with them. They're very reliable and they deliver the gifts in a timely fashion. Thanks :)

USA – Santa Monica, California

USA - May/14/2007
the service was great,but one thing,it was my understanding the message i sent,was going to be translated to farsi,but it was not!

nasser hosseinzadeh,
USA – Greensboro, North Carolina

USA - May/10/2007
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Bartoon Az Khoda Doa Daram Ke Hade Aghle Shoma Mardome Irano Yekjori Khoshal Mikonid. Dastetoon Dard Nakoneh.

USA – Sterling, Virginia

USA - May/10/2007
Great Job. I am totally satisfied with the service. Thank you.

USA – Chicago, Illinois

Canada - May/10/2007
You have excellent service, on time and really reliable

Ali Hendi,
Canada – Edmonton, Alberta

USA - May/7/2007
Very timely and professional service. Everything looked great. Thank you for a wonderful job!

USA – Atlanta, Georgia

USA - May/5/2007
the flower arrived 1 day after weding :) the promis was deliver less than 24 hour, I am very unhappy

USA – San Francisco, California

United kingdom - May/2/2007
The cake was exactly the same one I ordered. Thanks for great quality, nice service and precise timing.

United kingdom – Dundee

USA - May/1/2007
great service. thanks

USA – Green Bay, Wisconsin

United Arab Emirates - April/28/2007
thanks for the great...excellent and fast service.

United Arab Emirates – Sharjeh

United kingdom - April/26/2007

United kingdom – Preston

USA - April/23/2007
Thank you for a supurb job. My parents really enjoyed the flowers and the service was excellent.

USA – Bloomington, Indiana

USA - April/23/2007
Thank you for excellent service. We needed the flowers to be delivered as quickly as possible and that was done. We hear from the recipients that the flowers were beautiful, too.

USA – St Louis, Missouri

Canada - April/20/2007
Sorry that I responded late I was very busy with wy work . I am very happy with your service no complain & it was right on time . I hope we can do that again thank you so much .
Your censerly .

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - April/19/2007
You guys are fabulous....great and prompt service....keep it up! : )

USA – Irvine, California

USA - April/16/2007
Thank you for your great service. Excellent experience we are having. Thank God. God Help You.
Thank you very much

USA – Sterling, Virginia

Norway - April/13/2007
excellent . Very fast and punctual . The gifts were as they were described. Very much impressed. will do business again. Thank you

Norway – Stavanger

USA - April/11/2007
Thanks, I am very pleased with your service, but I have to check with Tehran regarding the quality of the flower! thanks anyway.

Arash Nikou,
USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - April/8/2007
Thanks for your great service. I wanted to make a special person happy and you did this on my behalf. With the service I received from you, I'm going to be your life time customer and always use your website to send gifts to my loved ones in Iran.

USA – Los Angeles, California

Canada - April/8/2007
Thank you for your excellent service. It is the first time that I am comfortable with a reliable Iranian company. Hope you can keep and develop the quality of your job. Best,

Alireza Jahanmihan,
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Canada - April/7/2007
thanks for your service. I expected to have a picture of my mom when she got the present. Last year you took a picture and it was nice. Maybe it is time to prepare more digital cameras!

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - March/31/2007
I Sincerely thank you & your staff very much for such a superb service. in addition, I am toled by my family in IRAN that the quality of your products delivered are among the best avialable in IRAN & the prices are very fair. I will strongly recommend your services to my friends.

Mohammad B. Mardeban,
USA – Woodside, California

USA - March/29/2007
Thank you for your service. I will recommend your site to my friends and family

USA – Orange County, California

Sweden - March/23/2007
Merci az service khobeton, Irani harkojai doset daram

Sweden – Falun

United kingdom - March/23/2007
HI GiftToIran Team, Thank you very much from your service. It was neat, fast and responsible. I will definitely shop with you again.
Kind Regards

United Kingdom – Wales

United Kingdom - March/23/2007
Thanks for your services, my only suggestion is to be more optional with the flower colours, and choice of cards. Many Thanks,

Nima A,
United kingdom – London

Denmark - March/23/2007
Dear GiftsToIran. It was a great pleasure for my wife to receive the flowers. I think your service is great, but it could be better, if I was able to send a message in my native language, instead of english/pinglish. My wife speaks Farsi and Danish, but basically NOT english. Therefore she did not understand the greeting in English. However the main issue is, that she got the flowers, and that part was functioning great - Thanks.

Michael Christoffersen,
Denmark – Alleroed

Germany - March/21/2007
Thank you so much for your great website and service.

Mahshid N.,
Germany – Berlin

Canada - March/21/2007
perfect service, happy new year, sale no mobarak bar shoma

Canada – Burnaby, British Columbia

USA - March/21/2007
Thank you very much, you were great!

Amir Emam,
USA – Dallas, Texas

USA - March/21/2007
thank you for your service, iam happy overall of your service, looking forward to use this service in future.

USA – Bay Point, California

Canada - March/20/2007
Thanks folks. You have been providing a safe and quick service. I will be useing it in future on occasions.Thank you again.

Canada – Montreal, Quebec

USA - March/20/2007
The great service! I really apreciate it, thanks.

USA – Troy, Michigan

USA - March/20/2007
salam...dosti va mohabat behtarin va mohemtarin chiz dar zendegist ..dost dashtan hamvatan bray man besyar koshayandast ...irani harkojai dostad daram

ramin zahedi,
USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - March/20/2007
Thanks for your customer service. I may come back again. Regards,

USA – Ogden, Utah

USA - March/17/2007
Nice and Easy , greatly recommended AAAAA+++++++++++

USA – Los Angeles, California

United kingdom - March/14/2007
Many thanks for the wonderful and speedy service. I just wish I know about you when my Mother was alive!!

Affy Scott,
United kingdom – London

USA - March/11/2007
I thank GIFT TO IRAN and its team for the wonderful service given to me for the orders that i have made. i would definitely recommend them to all, who wishes to gift family members and friends in iran.

USA – Atwater, California

USA - March/9/2007
Great job! Really professional and quick. I am going to recommend you guys to my friends.

USA – Washington, DC

United kingdom - March/9/2007
Wi just wanna say thank you for your excellent service! you put a lot of smiles on a lot of people's faces! keep up the great work.

United kingdom – London

USA - March/8/2007
Thank you . it was very quick and reliable service.

USA – Arlington, Virginia

USA - March/6/2007
What a wonderful service. Thank you for being so helpful and professional. I will definitely be back!

Lisa Hosseinpour,
USA – Westlake Village, California

Canada - March/6/2007
I was extremely satisfied with your service.

Canada – Ajax, Ontario

Canada - March/3/2007
Thank you so much.your servise is sgreat. I just sugest you add more items to your colection list. Regards,

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - March/2/2007
You always have a service that I can 100% rely on. You have an excellent and punctual service. Thank you very much.

Firouzeh H.,
USA – Encino, California

USA - March/2/2007
excellent service......exellent customer service.... excellent job....u r the best....keep up good work. good luck to you.

USA – Ratherford, New Jersey

Hungary - March/1/2007
Great delivery and a great item.Number one in all the other online shops.Will order soon again.Thanks alot. A+++++++++

Hungary – Pest

USA - March/1/2007
Thank you for fast and efficient service. My gift was received on time and exactly as I had expected and I appreciate your efforts.

USA – Columbus, Ohio

USA - March/1/2007
This is my 5th or 6th time and all I could say is: Excellent and reasonable service! They are kind and polite and try their best to follow your comments and requests...I am happy!

USA – Riverside, California

USA - February/20/2007
hello thanks so much for your excellent services, I have already received a call from iran regarding such a beautiful and fresh flowers you sent .I will do more business with you in future. thanks

P. A.,
USA – Encino , California

USA - February/17/2007
THank you For sending my gift to my friend in time,i am satisfied with your job and doing my request

gholamreza zakerinejad,
USA – Santa Ana , California

Canada - February/17/2007
A great service to surprise the one you love and go beyond borders to make them feel special even if your millions of kilometers away. Best selection of gifts for those whose relatives, friend, spouse, etc live in other cities other than tehran

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - February/17/2007
So faraway yet so good service. Thanks for the good service you provide.

USA – Middle Village, New York

USA - February/16/2007
Its a Great Service.  I have used Gift To Iran services more than two years.  Always On-time and great people to deal with.

USA – Arlington, Virginia

USA - February/16/2007
Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Fereydoon Sadri,
USA – Bellevue, Washington

USA - February/16/2007
khyli moteshakeram ke roze valentine gol va cake ro be hamsaram dar iran resonidid. insha-alah ke dar ayandeye nazdik az service shoma estefadeh konam

Nima K.,
USA – Winter Sprinfs, Florida

USA - February/15/2007
the service was really great,I  really appreciated.keep up the nice job. thanks.

USA – Palm Springs, California

USA - February/15/2007
Thank you so much for all your help

USA – Woodland Hills, California

USA - February/15/2007
it is 4th times i do shoping from your website and you have the best and fast service, keep up the good job.

Nader Akhbari,
USA – Santa Barbara, California

Canada - February/15/2007
I've been using for some time now. They are courteous and reliable. They deliver what they promise. keep up the good work!

Canada –Brampton, Ontario

United kingdom - February/15/2007
The service was really impressive!
Many thanks,

United kingdom – London

United kingdom - February/15/2007
Azatoon mamnoonam be khatere service dehie aali va sakhtane yek khatereye ghashang vase eshghe man. merC.

United kingdom – London

USA - February/15/2007
my order with your company was delivered on time and the quality of the product was just as good, thank you, regards,esfandiar ilkhan/

PS, i will tell about this to all my friends too/

USA – Lessburg, Virginia

USA - February/15/2007


USA – San Jose, California

Canada - February/15/2007
thank you so much ,for your perfect service,so i am very glad.
the best wishes for your company.

Canada – Vancouver, BC

Australia - February/15/2007
I am happy with the service I recieved but my delivery didn't have the surprise element I expected.
Your fellow colleague called the receipient one day in advance which spoiled the fun and suprise I wanted to create. Overall my wife was happy with the flower I sent,

Australia – Melbourne

United kingdom - February/8/2007
Azatoon mamnoonam be khatere service dehie aali va sakhtane yek khatereye ghashang vase eshghe man. merC.

United kingdom – London

Germany - February/7/2007
Thanks for your very good & professional service ! I 'll certainly use your services again and tell my friends about your site. Great job !

Germany – Berlin

Sweden - February/6/2007
Great and quick service. Recommanded

Sweden – Malmo

Australia - January/28/2007
servici besiyar ali va motmaen baraye kesani ke dar kharej az keshvar zendegi mikonand va dobane rahi baraye ertebat ba azizaneshan dar dakhel az keshavar migardand. in dafe chaharom bod ke az in service esftefadeh kardam va motmaenan dafeate digar ham soraghe hamin site khaham amad. omidvaram ke dar ayandeh mahsolat tanavoe bishtari dashte bashand.

Australia – Sydney, NSW

USA - January/27/2007
Thank you! Your service was very good. The gifts were delivered on-time and the website was easy to use and professional. It would be great if you add more gifts for occasions like baby shower.

USA – Cranston, Rhode Island

USA - January/26/2007
This was my second order and you sure don't dissapoint! Although I placed my order close to the occassion they dlivered it on time! I definitely recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again.

USA – Woodside, California

USA - January/24/2007
Thank you so much for spreading love with your awsome service.

USA – Pflugerville, Texas

India - January/23/2007
Thank you!!!
Great service!
Changed the way things were looking to head ... A possible break-up ..hmm .. now my wife wants to be back with me .. forever!!!

Sudhir Kumar,
India – Bangalore

USA - January/23/2007
I was very pleased with my order. I would recommend it to everyone, it is very convenient and helpful!

USA – Los Angeles, California

Canada - January/19/2007
I would like to thank you for on time delivery. My suggestion is to add some more detail (i.e dimensions) for your flowers, it might seem to be unneccessary but make s a better feeling and understanding which brings more reputation of course. Good luck and keep up the good works

Canada – Richmond Hill, Ontario

USA - January/17/2007
The flower was nice and the service was great. Thank You.

Alireza Moheet,
USA – Berkeley, California

USA - January/17/2007
Thank you very much. Great and fast job. Only suggestion to improve: the billing process was a little shaky. The stated amount were different from the printed one at the end!

USA – Atlanta, Georgia

USA - January/15/2007
Excellent service. This website is doing a great job of sending gifts to SHAHRESTAN cities in Iran. My family received their gift On time and as promised and with a free Arian Album in Tabriz. Thank you

Canada – Ottawa, Ontario

USA - January/12/2007
I am very pleased for your service.Fresh flowers ,on time. Perfect communication with customers.It 's encourage me to tell all my friend and family.Good work. Thanke you.

USA – Winter Sprinfs, Florida

USA - January/11/2007
Ba tashakor az zahamat 4 omin bar eke in ja kharid kardam va baz ham bar migardam....behtarin servis va on time.....mamanon :)

USA – Reston, Virginia

USA - January/7/2007
Great Job A++++++++++++ service. very happy.

USA – powell, Ohio

Canada - January/6/2007
Excellent service. Thank you and good luck.

Keyvan Reissian,
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - January/4/2007
I always had a good experience with this service and you are doing a great job.

Charlotte Younessi,
USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - January/2/2007
Perfect Service, nice flowers, very very ontime... Perfect communication with the customers, continuous messages on which phase the order was at... Strongly recommended :)
Thanks a bunch guys.

Farnaz Azmoodeh,
USA – Santa Monica, California

USA - January/1/2007
Great Job. very satisfied with your service. I recomend it to all of my friends.

USA – Powell, Ohio

United Kingdom - January/1/2007
hApPy NeW yEar, thanks for your service

United Kingdom – London

Canada - January/1/2007
Thank you for fast delivery. Wish your business growing on this new year.

Setareh F,
Canada – Vancouver, BC

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