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Here's what they've been saying about us lately:

USA - December/26/2006
Fantastic service. Quick, responsive and efficient. Have been using gifttoiran for a long time and highly recommend it on all accounts.

USA – Chicago, Illinois

USA - December/25/2006
Thank you so much for your service! My friends wrote today to say that their gift arrived- exactly when I asked Gift to Iran to deliver it. They are happy, and I am happy with your service. I'll be using you again.

USA – Port Reading, New Jersey

USA - December/22/2006
I really appreciate your service. The costs are reasonable and the service was excellent.
Thanks for everything

Fereshteh Ghazvini,
USA – Sunnyvale, Texas

Germany - December/17/2006
Thanks a lot. It was very convenient and I am very satisfied with your service. I look forward to give you morw orders.

Germany - Munich

Canada - December/15/2006
I have used your website so many time. I really like the way in which you help the people. Wish You good luck.

Satar Fardmanesh,
Canada– Toronto, Ontario

USA - December/8/2006
THANKS for the great service! It was my mother's birthday and she was so impressed with the quality of the gift, exactly as described, and it was delivered on a timely manner, exactly on-time :) Thanks and will do business with you again :)

A. A.
USA - Sterling, Virginia

USA - December/5/2006
Thank you for the great service. Delivery was ontime, Flowers were beautiful and even better than the Picture!!! Cake was great and thanks for adding free DVD. I will recomond your service to all of my friends.

USA - San Jose, California

USA - December/5/2006
very good service

USA - Atlanta, Georgia

USA - December/4/2006
Fantastic service. On time delivery and beautiful flowers. Thank you very much...

USA - San Jose, California

USA - November/26/2006
Very efficient service . I appreciate your customer care. Do your flowers resembles the photos in your website?

Hamoon Ghasemzadeh
USA - Seattle, Washington

USA- November/23/2006

USA - Hockessin, Delaware

Canada- November/19/2006
Thanks for your great service, the delivery was very timely and hassle free. I will use this service in the future.

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - November/19/2006
Great service! I'll recomend it to all my Iranian friends. thanks

USA - powell, Ohio

USA - November/18/2006
Thank you for the great service and speedy delivery. I am very impressed with your customer service. The people I dealt with, so far, have been just great . I really do appreciate the pictures you took from my parents they made my day. Thanks again!

Gita Amiri
USA - Fairfax, Virginia

USA - November/15/2006
Thank you very much, your service is excellent. Though the prices are a little bit high, I am satisfied with your performance and will continue using it.

Maryam Farmand
USA - Washington,DC

USA - November/14/2006
ThanX alot great service. I am sure I'll be back soon.

Yas Soroush
USA - Sterling, Virginia

Sweden - November/13/2006
Thank you very much!
Once again, thank you for shopping my Gift to Iran and you did it with bravo. I'm very pleased with your service. You have polite and professional employee in Iran. Farahnaz was very pleased with her present.
I continue to send gift with GIFT TO IRAN and only with GIFT TO IRAN to Iran. You proved once again that you are trust face and I can rely on you.
Thank you very much or as we say in Sweden, "Tack sε mycket!
Best regards,

Maryam Barkadehi
Sweden - Stockholm

Canada - November/9/2006
Your service was great and fast. I'll be using you from now on for sure and every one that I know will find out about you guys. Job well done. Thank you

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - November/9/2006
thank u very much. good service .i got u from

farhad beyzaee
USA - Seattle, Washington

USA - November/7/2006
Your Service has been great so far and I hope it stays always as good as it is now Thanks again

USA - Santa Margarita, California

Canada - November/6/2006
Trustable,fast serve. and will use your serves again

Canada - Calgary, Alberta

Saudi Arabia - October/30/2006
Dear Sir, Thankyou for deliverying the gifts to my fiancee who is in iran on the said time. your service it really great. thanyou once again for the service.

syed minhaj ahmed
Saudi Arabia - Riyadh

Italy - October/27/2006
thank you very much for your on time service, we are happy about our order and will get back to you in a near future Romina

Italy - pordenone

USA - October/27/2006
Thanks for the delivery but the picture you sent me is so bad, dark and blury that no one is visible. I think you should use a better camera or cameraman for taking your customer's pictures.

USA - Galveston, Texas

USA - October/25/2006
Great Job! I am very impressed by your efford. I will tell all of my friends about you guys. thanks again.

Ali Khaksarfard
USA - Powell, Ohaio

USA - October/22/2006
I was vry impressed with the concern for customer communication and satisfaction. GREAT JOB! The only regret was that I did not get to see her receive the gift, adn that was my mistake for not getting the home phone to you or telling her to leaver her cell phone on. The gift was BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you so much! Many of the companies here could use a lesson from you on customer service, I will do business with you again in the future. Sincerely,

USA - Bremen, Indiana

USA - October/20/2006

Hormoz Sanii
USA - Mercer Island, Washington

USA - October/12/2006
Thank you all for doing this great business and service. I wish you could also have your folks in Mashhad to take pictures of the recepients.

Mansour K
USA - Princeton, New Jersey

USA - October/11/2006
Once again thnak you so much for everything your service is owesome. I really enjoy the way you are working. Caring, organized, on time are this company's characteristics . I really recommend this company to everyone who wants to make a happy moment for their dear family in iran.

USA - Glendale, Arizona

USA - October/2/2006
As always your service was great and my mother love the guy who delivar the flowers and the cake she said that he was so nice.
Thanks a lot.

kazem tehrani
USA - Wichita, Kansas

USA - October/2/2006
Your service is GREAT! My family received the package in less than 24 hours and you did a GREAT job in coordinating teh delivary tiem with them. Takinga picture of the recipient is sucha cool idea!!!!!

USA - Madison, Wisconsin

Canada - October/2/2006
thanks to gift-to-Iran i was able to surprize my family with some beautiful flowers and a nice yummy cake just on time for my new born nephew in Mashhad. good job guys thanks a bunch

Canada - Montreal, Quebec

United Kingdom - October/2/2006
Hi, I would like to thank you for your delivery of my order (Flower) at the right date and time that I had asked for. My mum likes her flowers and the card too. I will carry on shopping from you.
All the best

United Kingdom - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

USA - September/25/2006
I wanted to thank your for the quick and very easy service you provided. It was a last minute situation for me, but my order got delivered as soon as possible.

USA - San Diego, California

USA - September/23/2006
mesle hamishe ali va binazir bod kareton mer30

USA - Glendale, Arizona

USA - September/22/2006
I would like to thank you for your help. I am happy with your services and you guys have been very helpfull. I will definitely recommend your site. thanks again

USA - Montville, New Jersey

United kingdom - September/19/2006
i just wanted to say thank you for everything and thank you so much for your customer service is just excellent i was realy happy and impressed it was my first time and %100 sure it wont be lost time im going to recommend your company to every one here in the uk who needs to send a great gift again big bib thanks you mead my and my mum day az zahamate bidarighetan ek donya mamnon va moteshaker

Fariba az england
USA - Northampton

USA - September/18/2006
Thank you so much for delivering the gift and the message. The receipients were very pleased with the service.

USA - Pace, Florida

USA - September/16/2006
Dear folks, I just wanted to say Thank You for your services . I recommend your company to every one here in the U.S.A that needs to send a gift to anyone in IRAN . I was very impressed with the level of professionalism your company provided me with . Please continue your great work .

USA - Bronx , New York

USA - September/14/2006
first i want to sat thnx for everything.your customer service is gerat (especially thnx for BABAK for his calling).like everytime ur delivery was wonderful i appricate ,also my sister told me about the calling at iran ,she was delighted. I"ll call soon for next order

USA - Houston, Texas

USA - September/12/2006
your customer service is excellent and i am suprise,it was my first time and for sure it is not last time,thank you so much,thank you.

leila zarghami
USA - Irvine, California

USA - September/2/2006
Service was excellent . Thank you very much for delivering this birthday item in about 24 hour .

Davoud Firouz
USA - Melbourne, Florida

United kingdom - August/28/2006

United kingdom - Newcastle

USA - August/27/2006
Thank you very much for everything! This picture means a lot to me and you just made my day. My brother called me and told me about your phone calls and how polite your personnel were. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends.

USA - College Park, Maryland

USA - August/27/2006
My fiance was very happy with your gift quality. I will introduce your site to our others friends in US.

Dr. Said Kermani
USA - Glendale, California

Germany - August/26/2006
merci az service besiyar aliton. khyli khoshhalim ke site shoma ro peyda kardim :)

Sheyda P.
Germany - Frankfort

Canada - August/24/2006
thanks for such nice services.

Canada - Niagara Falls , Ontario

USA - August/23/2006
I sent 3 different set of gifts to family members and everything was delivered as promised and on time. Questions to customer service were answered immediately and requests were honored. Great service and timely delivery.. everything that I hoped for. Thank you so much... you made a bunch of people, including me, very happy! Thank you,

USA – Miami, Florida

Canada - August/23/2006
I am pleased with your service. Thanks

Pedram Mahdavinezhad,
Canada – Montreal, Quebec

USA - August/18/2006
Quick delivery, great service, very polite customer service representatives. I will definitely be back soon.

Hamed Sadr,
USA – Greenbelt, Maryland

USA - August/17/2006
Dear Gift to iran thank so much for your great service,,my sister was delighted .....especiall thanks to BABAK for calling me and correcting my mistake that i did in the order .....wish u guys would take a picture of that moment but its okay maybe next time .now i know where to shop.... keep up the good work ... ba tashakor

USA – Coconut creek, Florida

USA - August/14/2006
I am very impressed by your service. The flowers were fresh and beautiful and the cake delicious. Thank you very much for helping me making my friend very happy. I will use your services again in the future.

USA – Sterling, Virginia

USA - August/13/2006
Dear GiftToIran Team (especially thanks to Babak for your phone call): Thanks so much for your great service! Nima and all his family are delighted with the gifts, and I am so happy to be able to arrange for this from so far away. I was there with them recently and am waiting to go back to Iran ASAP. There are still 7 days of 3 roses each day to be delivered, YES!?!?! kheili mamnunam,

rowan storm,
USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - August/8/2006
I was surprized, best service and great qualitiy. I 'll definitely recomoned you to my friends. you made me andmy parenents happy thank you very much.

Faezeh nadimi,
USA – Nutley, New Jersey

USA - August/8/2006
Mesle Hamishe Kareton ali va binazir bod, mer30

Rosita Roshani,
USA – Glendale, Arizona

Canada - August/7/2006
Thanks a lot for your good service. I was absolutely satisfied with the gifts being delivered on time. Keep up the good job.

Canada– London, Ontario

USA - August/5/2006
Thank you so much for delivered my order. I thing your company is the best. I will soon call u for another order.

Majid Hesami,
USA – Broomall, Pennsylvania

USA - August/2/2006
I am thankful for your timely delivery of the gift to my family.

Shadi S.
USA– Sacramento, CA

Germany - August/1/2006
Will definitely recommend you to our friends. merci

Germany– Hagen, NRW

USA - July/27/2006
I'll definitely be back!! Your service is excellent. Keep it up!

Farhad Mirzadeh
USA – Stanford, CA

USA - July/20/2006
Service was very prompt and delivered as promised in less than 24 hours in Iran. Highly recommended

Ramin Farjad
USA - Los Altos, California

USA - July/19/2006
I would like to say thank you to every one at, for making mother's day a very special day for my mum and grandma. They were very surprised and pleased with the order. You've done a great job, keep up the great work. Many thanks and best wishes for the future.

Elahe. M
USA - Durham, North Carolina

USA - July/17/2006
Daste shoma dard nakone. Mersi

Ali R.
USA - San Diego, California

USA - July/16/2006
Best servise and great quality,I really recomend this web site to others. Good job:)

USA - Reston, Virginia

USA - July/1/2006
Thank you for your service. I will shop again from your website soon.

Ali R.
USA - Ashburn, Virginia

USA - June /29/2006
I and my family very please with the service and the products. I am hoping to work with your company in future .
Thank you very much

Farshid S
USA – Edmond, Oklahoma

USA - June /23/2006
I was able to easily place my order on line and print receipt. in less than an hour I was contacted by the phone from Iran by Mr, Pooladi (a very polite and friendly representative) in which He assured me that my order had been received in tehran and is processing, in addition he made an effort to deliver the order the same night in a diffrent City at no extra charge. I personally appreciate all this great service and very strongly recommend this company to everyone to use. sincerely,

Mohammad B. Mardeban
USA – Rancho Santa Margarita, California

United kingdom - June /19/2006
Hi,I just say thanks for your exlent service. You made my mum realy happy . All the best for you and wish more succis in your job.

United kingdom – Glasgow

Canada - June /16/2006
I was very satisfied with your service and I will shop again from gift to Iran and I will suggest this site to my friends and family.again thank you

Canada – Waterloo, Ontario

Spain - June /15/2006
salam, mamnoon az servise besiar khob shoma man ham bar digar barai chandomin bar az shoma mamnoon hastam

amir daemi
Spain – Valencia

USA - June /14/2006
I would like to expressmy gratitude and aooreciation for an excellent service you have provided. Thank you very much.

Sheri Shifteh
USA – Antioch, Tennessee

USA - June /13/2006
I am very please whit your good customer service and will recommend you to all my friends and reletives . It was a greait experience working with you guys . Keep-up good jub and GOOD LUCK. Thank you all.

Albert G.
USA – Woodbridge, Virginia

USA - June /11/2006
Dear GifttoIran Team,
I truly appreciate your kindness, timeliness, and professionalism. Please pay our special thanks to your representative in Tehran who went to the hospital, took the pretty pictures and sent us the first pictures og our grandson. I am very impressed with the professional manner you handled this occasion.

Ahmad Zargari
USA – Morehead, Kentucky

USA - June /11/2006
I am very happy with your company. Thank you for your great service.

USA – Encino, California

USA - June /6/2006
Dear Gifttoiran,
Once again, I appreciate your pleasant service. Your service was way over my satisfation. Hope we can do more business in the near future.
Sincerely yours,

USA – Broomall, Pennsylvania

USA - June /2/2006
I am very content with your service. I will keep you in mind to do more business in the future with your company . And I also refer your company to others.

Mirhossein Nabavi
USA – Los Angeles, California

USA - May /31/2006
Your service was very prompt and the products were of good quality. I got a very good feedback from my parents who received the gifts. Thank you! I was hoping to receive a photo of the time the gifts were delivered, but I guess it is difficult to do that for everyone, as you have mentioned on your site, due to shortage of digital cameras. However it does not take credit away from you for prompt and quality service, which matters the most.

USA – Cincinnati, Ohio

USA - May /31/2006
On time delivery, and smoth operation, I will use thier service again.

USA – Hartland, Wisconsin

USA - May /28/2006
Hello there, First of all, this was my first experience with your company and it seems to me you have done fantastic job, I will shop with you again and I will propose your company to friends and family as well. This decision has been made base on your great customer service.

USA – Ogden, Utah

USA - May /27/2006
It's was a great experience to order through your company. Good service, fast, good quality, good price and thanks again. I am your customer from now.

USA – San Mateo, California

USA - May /24/2006
Great service! Thank you so much for the fast and on time delivery!

USA – Beltsville, Maryland

Germany - May /23/2006
Thank you for your great service. I am happy to find you guys.

S. Mahdavi,
Germany - Hannover

USA - May /23/2006
I would just like to thank you for delivering my gifts so quickly.

USA – Annapolis, Maryland

USA - May /19/2006
Keep up the great work. Fast, smooth, awesome. Thank you very much for the very good service.

USA - College Park, Maryland

Canada - May /19/2006
I thank you very much .best i could expect. just awesome

Canada - Niagara Falls, Ontario

USA - May /15/2006
vaghean azaton tashakor mikonam .kareton harf nadare.yani beghadri ham mano ham ghalbe kasiyo ke baram aziztarine to donya shad kardid ke nemidonam chetor az kare ba arzesh va zibaton tashakor konam

USA - Glendale, Arizona

USA - May /15/2006
Dear madam sir,
i like to let you know that i have been very pleased with your services. the coordination and the quality of your product has been outstanding, thank you . i make sure to let others know about you as well. truly yours,

Esfandiar Ilkhan
USA - Falls Church , Virginia

Canada - May /15/2006
Hi; Thank you very much for the delievery. I've heard it was wonderful. Looking forward to have more business with you.

Bahar Behzadi
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - May /15/2006
I just wanna tel U thank U very much for very nice delivery and I wil talk about your service which is i'm so glad to fined U frome my friend again mercy.

USA - woodland hills, California

USA - May /14/2006
I had the best experiene with your service, The flowers I ordered were delivered within 3.5 hours from the time I placed my order to the time they were delivered in Tehran, Iran. Thank you for the wonderful service. all the best.

USA - Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

United Arab Emirates - May /11/2006
Hello, I would like to thank you for perfect service and on time delivery as I had requested. I would highly recommend your site to my friends in dubai.
Thanks again

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

USA - May /11/2006
Dear Sir
I thank you for good delivery Service ,

G.Reza Maroofi
USA - Charlotte, North Carolina

USA - May /9/2006
Dear Sales Team
I thank you very much for sending my gift also for adding fresh banquet.
Best Regards

USA - Island Park, New York

USA - May /4/2006
Receipient was very pleased by your service. Gift was delivered on a decent timely fashion. I am happy about your services. More variety of products need to be added to your collections to have more choices for the clients. Future business could be expected from me.

USA - Beverly Hills, California

USA - May /2/2006
Wow. VERY impressive customer service!!! And from what I hear good product too. Thanks for going out of your way to take care of my order.

USA - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

USA - April /28/2006
thank you so much your service was great as usuall.

USA - Palm Harbor, Florida

Canada - April /26/2006
It was Great. Thank you so much.

Canada - Edmonton, Alberta

Sweden - April /26/2006
Doostane azizam, khyli moteshakeram az khadamati ke erae midid. movafagh va salamat bashid

Said Jalili
Sweden - Gδvle

Australia - April /26/2006
Dear GiftToIran team, thank you so much for flower delivery to my family in iran. I heard the delivery guy was very professional and polite.

Nafise Tabatabaye
Australia - NSW, Sydney

USA - April /21/2006
you did a great job! it was great working with you. thank you much and I will work with you very soon again

USA - Glendale, Arizona

USA - April /21/2006
Nemidonam ke chetor bayad az shoma tashakor konam.
Thank you so much for your great service. very very happy with your website and I will use it again soon. Please continue your good work.

Nahal Sharifi
USA - Greenvale, New York

United kingdom - April /18/2006
Thank you for your professional servise.I am so happy and I definetly will use it again and will recommend gift to iran to my friends.

United kingdom - Newcastle

Australia - April /17/2006
Many thanks for the such a quick and great response and delivery. Consider me as your customer for life.

Australia - Melbourne

USA - April /15/2006
I truly enjoy and recommend your web site to all who wish to send beautiful gifts to Iran with confidence. Your products are superb and your service excellent. One it possible to allow multiple shipment on one order? I was placing 4 orders and had to do it 4 seperate times...just a suggestion. Thanks again for an outstanding job.

Parnian Shahin
USA - Ashburn, Virginia

USA - April /14/2006
Thank you for your fast service. The entire process (from placing the order on the web-site to delivering the gift in Iran) was fast and enjoyable. I definitely recommend your service to everyone! Keep up the good work!

Kouhyar Mostashfi
USA - Springboro, Ohio

United kingdom - April /13/2006
I am really thankful for your great service. I will recomend gifttoiran website to all my friends.
Thanks again

Sepehr Narimani,
United kingdom - London

USA - April /13/2006
thanks for everything

USA - San Jose, California

USA - April /10/2006
I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for an excellent service you've provided.
Thank you very much!

Dr. Jalil Moghadasi
USA - Wappingers Falls, New York

Germany - April /10/2006
To many thanks for the quick delivery and your friendly contact

Germany - Muenster

USA - April /6/2006
Thank you for the excellent customer care and professional service. I'll definitely use it again and will recommend it to all my friends.

Sarvenaz Farahmand
USA - Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Canada - April /6/2006
I am very pleased with the service of gift Iran and their follow-ups with my order. I consider it for the my future ordres. I just liked to have the option to send me the picture of the gift when you delivered/or in future make that option for shopers. Thanks,

atosa namvar
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - April /5/2006
Very professional and timely. The website is very easy to navigate. People on the phone are accurate and polite. Very satisfactory overall.

behnaz jalali
USA - Los Angeles, California

USA - April /3/2006
The service was excelent, I will recommend it to friends.

Faramarz Parvinpour
USA - Glendale, California

USA - April /2/2006
Thank you so much! My friends in Tehran received Nowruz gifts yesterday. Your service is the best and only way to shop for friends who are so far away. I'll be ordering again.

USA - Port Reading, New Jersey

Cyprus - April /1/2006
Thank you Very much, I really appreciate your services.

Maneli Badakhshan
Cyprus - Magusa

USA - April /1/2006
My mother loved the cake & the flowers I sent to her. I'm so glad that this service is available for us who are away from our loved one. Thank you.

shahrzad Darvish
USA - BrynMawr, Pennsylvania

Germany - April /1/2006
ba arze salam, khyli az service khobeton moteshakrim. ba arezoye

Farhad Nikpour
Germany - Coln

USA - March /26/2006
I was very much satisfied with the quality of your service.The gift was delivered on time and pictures were sent soon after. Here is one suggestion for improvement. It would be good to have options of typing the gift message in Farsi or English and this can be easily added to your website.Some prefer to have the message typed in English and some may prefer that in Farsi. Need to make your pries more competitive as well. Keep up the good work!

USA - San Francisco, California

USA - March /25/2006
I am very happy with your service. The experience was great!

USA - Columbus, Ohio

United kingdom - March /23/2006
hi it was my first order and i wasnt sure at all coz of some other sites!!!!!!!!! now i am so glad that i found your sit which means i would love to deal with you again and again .THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

United Kingdom - Glasgow

Norway - March /23/2006
Mersi braye service khob va motmaeneton ,braye shoma arezoye sale khobi ra daram.

Norway - Oslo

United kingdom - March /22/2006
Very professional and excellent service. We will recommend gifttoiran website to our Iranian community and to our friends. noroozetan mobarak

Simin Rastegar
United Kingdom - Birmingham

USA - March /22/2006
I am very happy with the prompt customer service. Please continue your good work.

Ali Mehraban
USA - San Francisco, California

Canada - March /21/2006
Many thanks for your service. The gift that we sent via your site is the single thing that we can do for our family and our parents who are far from us but we love them. I hope you a Happy Nowrouz with my warmest whishes for this spring arrival.

Keyvan Maleki
Canada - Quebec, Quebec

Canada - March /21/2006
Exllent service, Pleasure to do business with you.

Hamed & Nahal
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - March /21/2006
Good service and delivery. Thank you.

USA - Plano, Texas

Germany - March /20/2006
Ba arze salam khedmate doostane khobam dar gifttoiran, moteshakerim ke in service ro baraye ma ke az azizaneman dar iran door hastim rah andakhtid.
website shoma ro be doostanemon dar shahr moarefi mikonim. sale khobi ro baraton arezo daram.

Reza Poortorkan
Germany - Frankfort

USA - March /20/2006
Thank you for your excellent and on time service. Happy new year

Shahla Marefat
USA - Fulton, New York

USA - March /20/2006
Thank your for your prompt services. I had a second order , which I am sure you will deliver it soon,If you haven't by now. Keep up with the good job.Norooz shomaa ham mobarak

Mahvash Ramsey
USA - Cpress, Texas

United kingdom - March /17/2006
very good service ,will recomend to friends.thanks

United kingdom - London

Norway - March /17/2006
Thank you very much for your excellent service. My freinds said, your flowers was very beautiful an smells good. have a nice day and best wishes for det future.

Soheila Derakhshanfar
Norway - Oslo

USA - March /16/2006
Thank you very much for prompt delivery of my gift to my family in Iran. I appreciate the great service. Sincerly,

USA - Cromwell, CT

USA - March /15/2006
I was truly impressed with this company and how quickly you responded to all questions and concerns. I appreciate your help.

Azita Yazdi
USA - Del Mar, California

United Arab Emirates - March /14/2006
Dear Sir, I just wanted to thank you for your on time delivery and good quality of your items. Best Regards

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Canada - March /13/2006
Very fast and professional staff. I am very pleased and will do business with again, and will recommend this site to my friends

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

United kingdom - March /13/2006
Once again, a prompt delivery of gifts. Thanks. The only comments that I have are to do with your wevbsite: 1) It would be useful if you could keep all the addresses that you have delivered to for me, not just the most recent one. I could then choose which address I want to gifts to be delivered to. 2) It would be helpful if after adding an item to the shopping basket and clicking on "continue shopping", I was directed to the page I was on, not the home page.
Apart from these two minor points, I'm extremely pleased with the service that I have received on the numerous occasions that I have ordered.
Many thanks

Affy Scott
United kingdom - London

USA - March /11/2006
Great service. Delivered as advertised on the website. I will definitely come back in the future.

USA - Dallas, Texas

USA - March /9/2006
Great service, delived on time and as it was described. A+++++

USA - Eagle, Idaho

Norway - March /8/2006
Hello! Thank you for a good service. It was first time i use and i mean we can relay on you and you doing like what we want. thanks for making a unforgettable birthday for my brother. have a nice day

Soheila Derakhshanfar
Norway - Oslo

USA - March /6/2006
Thank you for everything. This ia my 2nd time I order flower from u, and it was beautiful. THX again

USA - Rancho Santa Margari, California

Germany - March /5/2006
Thank you very much. for the delivery. Your service is very good. I like it. I will come back again with further orders in future. Regards

Mohammad Toufan
Germany - Bavaria

USA - March /5/2006
Excellent ON TIME service.

Amir Vokshoor
USA - Los Angeles, California

USA - March /4/2006
Thank you guys.I am very happy with your service.

USA - Middletown, New York

USA - March /3/2006
I am grateful for your outstanding service.

USA - Encino, California

USA - March /1/2006
thank you.your service is the best

USA - Greenvale, New York

United kingdom- February /28/2006
Fantastic! You guys have a greate website and your servcice was very fast.
your customer service attitude has definitely hooked me on to you guys from now on.

Satar F.
United kingdom - London

USA - February /28/2006
Thank you and good luck

USA - West linn, Oregon

USA - February /24/2006
The gift was sent right on time and in a professional way. Thank you!

Feri Naghdi
USA - Vienna, Virginia

USA - February /21/2006
Thank you for your perfect and on time delivery. I will recommend Gift to Iran to all of my friends.

USA - Glen Head, New York

Germany - February /21/2006
khyli mamnon az service khobeton

sahar & nader
Germany - Frankfurt

USA - February /16/2006
You did good and delivered on time. I like your customer service calling me back and informing of my order.I will use you again

USA - Clinton, Mississippi

USA - February /16/2006
It was great thanks alot for every thing.

USA - Seattle, Washington

USA - February /16/2006
This is a fantastic service. It is so heartwarming. I am so pleased with your level of care, customer service and professionalism. Thank you.

kathy khoie
USA - Encino, California

USA - February /16/2006
I'm very happy with your service, and next time i will look for your service again. thank u

USA - Ashburn, Virginia

USA - February /15/2006
Thanks for the excellent and professional service. I'll definitely use it again.

USA - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Canada - February /15/2006
first of all i like to say thank you for such an amazing service. your flowers are allways fresh and arrangements are very beautiful and most important, your prices are reasonable. Putting a smile on someones face from so far away is just priceless once again thank you specially for free Arian tape( my favorite music)

Ali Kheilaee
Canada - Montreal, Quebec

Canada - February /14/2006
thank you for your good service .Keep up the good work!

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - February /14/2006
Great service. On time delivery. Will repeat. One question. When I put my order, in the very last page, there was an option for a free red rose. I clicked that option but It was not delivered. I just wonder what happened. Thank you agian.

USA - Sunnyvale, CA

USA - February /14/2006
Thank you so much for your delivery I will do it again later again thank you so much, specially for you free phone card it was amaizing have a good time and happy valentine to you guys too

USA - Mission Viejo, CA

Australia - February /14/2006
i am very happy with your delivery of fresh flowers and a arian cassete in iran. thank you very much.

Australia - Sydney

USA - February /14/2006
I'm pleased with your service and will recommend Gift to Iran to all of my friends and family. Thank You for your good service.

USA - Walnut Creek, CA

Netherlands - February /14/2006
Nice work guys, i am really impressed. Specially the free calling card shows your marketing talent. keep up the good work. only 1 thing i can point out is if you could also arrenge it to be able to give a delivery time when i order.

Ali Pourbozorgi
Netherlands - Rotterdam

USA - February /14/2006
thank you for your good service /good luck.

USA - Ratherford, NJ

USA - February /14/2006
Overall your service is excellent, but the delivery person told the recepient that they are getting another package the next day (I made to seperate orders) so they would be a suprise. He ruined the suprise and I paid for two seperate deliveries for nothing.

Reza Garrow
USA - St. Louis, MO

USA - February /14/2006
Before I have this experience, I was very skeptical to send a gift to Iran this way, however by its on time delivery and impressive gift presentation the is going to have me as its regular costumer! Thanks a bunch

USA - Moore, Oklahoma

USA - February /14/2006
I am very pleased with service.THANK YOU

m fath
USA - Dallas, Texas

USA - February /14/2006
Very pleased with the quality of the product, prompt service and and timely delivery. I would highly recommend Gifts To Iran.

USA - Oxford , CT

USA - February /14/2006
Thank you very much. My order was taken by phone by an individual that seemed to have no other goal but to satisfy our need for information. Very polite and very professional. My sister in Iran was also equally impressed by the service. Keep up the good work.

USA - Woodbridge, CT

Canada - February /14/2006
Ba arze salam va khaste nabashid kheyli mamnonam az kare aliton vali ye eshkali pish omad va on in bood ke man aroosake miki mouse sefaresh dadam vali khers az ab dar omad. mitonid to ghesmate sefaresh bebinid kheyli mamnonam khodahafez

Omid Akhbari
Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

Canada - February /14/2006
Ba arzeh Salam, I would to thank you so much from Gift to iran Stuff and thank you for the fast delivery.

Canada - Coquitlam, British Columbia

USA - February /11/2006
Fantastic service, and great job. I wish you would add more fine jewelery to your products. Keep up the good work!

Varooj B.
USA - Pasadena, California

Germany - February /11/2006
Khyli mamnon az inke gol ro be moghe dar iran tahvil dadid va khaharam ro khoshhal kardid, omidvaram ke hamishe movafagh bashid.

Sahar Soleymani
Germany - Berlin

USA - February /6/2006
Exllent service, Pleasure to do business with , Great communication, and fast delivery . Thank you so much. I will order again.

USA - Lexington, Kentucky

USA - February /5/2006
Thank you very much for prompt delivery of my gifts to my family in Iran.
also thank you for the phone card gift.

USA - Cromwell, CT

USA - February /2/2006
I am so Happy with your Company and thank you so much for providing such a great services for people out of IRAN. Thanks Again

USA - Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Egypt - February /2/2006
very happy with the service.

Egypt - Cairo

United kingdom - February /2/2006
We would like to thank you for the great service. It was professional and organized unlike most other iranian services. I had my doubts, but now I'm confident to use your service in more occasions. keep up with the good work.

United kingdom - Bristol

USA - January /27/2006
It was the first time I sent flower to Iran. you made my fiance very happy and surprise. thank you for your service.

USA - Seattle, Washington

United kingdom - January /27/2006
I am very satisfy with your service and will recommend your webiste to our others friends.

United kingdom - London

USA - January /21/2006
I would totally do business with gift to iran again! The customer service was excellant and Mr. Babak is the Best!!!! Very reliable service that actually listens to your specific request! Thanks Again for making my sister's big day unforgetable!!!!

Targol Esmaili
USA - Ozone Park, New York

USA - January /17/2006
hi youre services is the best. thank you

USA - Palm Harbor, Florida

United Kingdom - January /17/2006
thank you ,it was perfect.

United Kingdom - Liverpool

USA- January /11/2006
You guys did a great job and only I can say thank you but it is not enough because you make my family very happy. Good luck for you and all your co-worker.
Thanks again

USA - Hockeesin, Delaware

USA- January /11/2006
Thank you for your perfect and prompt gift delivery. Job well done.

USA - Tallahassee, Florida

USA- January /10/2006

Feridoon Narimanian
USA - Hockeesin, Delaware

USA- January /6/2006
Ba Salaam. I just wanted to thank you for an OUTSTANDING experience!!! Your service and quality is superb. I'll definately be using you again, and will also recommend you to friends and family.
Ba Kamale Tashakor.

USA - San Jose, California

USA- January /3/2006
It was just perfect. Thanks.

USA - Atlanta, Georgia

USA- January /3/2006
you guys are great i can't thank you enough.

B. orojilak
USA - North Hills, California

Canada- January /2/2006
I am satisfied with your prompt and courteous gift delivery. Job well done!

Canada - Brampton, Ontario

USA- January /2/2006
Your service is excellent. Thank you.

USA - Alexandria, VA

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