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Here's what they've been saying about us lately:

USA- December /29/2005
Excellent and perfect service.
Thank you and would like to wish you a happy & prosperous New Year.

Satar & Nazli
USA - Arlington, Washington

Denmark - December /26/2005
Thanks Again, I am very pleased with your service, hope deal with you dears next time.
Best Regards;

Denmark - Maribo

Netherlands - December /26/2005
Great service, thanks. It would be great if you could provide the picture facility for delivery to other cities than Tehran as well :)

Netherlands - Arnhem

USA - December /23/2005
Thank you for prompt delivery of my gifts.
Best Regards,

USA - Cromwell, CT

USA - December /22/2005
Wow! what a wonderful service! You guys made my day. The pictures were very nice and brought smile to our faces. The delivery time was great. I am very pleased with your service and will use it again.

USA - Germantown, MD

Australia - December /22/2005
Excellent work!!! we always afraid to doing shop online, last week one of our friends introduce gifttoiran website to us. It was the first time we send flower to iran, now we are your life time customer.
please keep up the good work.

Australia - Sydney

USA - December /17/2005
hello.that's the first time i see the wonderful service like gift to iran.thnx for everythings,good job.thnx a lot for ur lovely delivering to my aunt .she was so excited .thnx again

leila m.
USA - Houston, Texas

USA - December /16/2005
This is the third time in the last 2 years that we have used Gifts to Iran. The service is still fast, efficient and courteous. We highly recommend it for sending gifts to Iran.

USA - Atlanta, Georgia

USA - December /16/2005
Thanks for your ontime delivery.

T. M.
USA - Davis, California

USA - December /14/2005
I can't believe it. I am extremely pleased with the service that we recieved. Gift to Iran was perect in every way possible. Thank you so so much for everything. You guys are perfect.

USA - Walnut Creek, California

USA - December /13/2005
Thank you.

USA - West linn, Oregon

USA - December /10/2005
I wish there was a company with such efficient customer service here in the US. Thanks again for all your great work.

USA - Plano, Texas

USA - December /7/2005
Great work, I would like to thank gifttoiran for their prompt service, and the customer care. The gifts were on time, and really worth the price. Thanks again. It would have been hard for me to express myself without . By the way the dinner at the resturaunt was awesome.

USA - Adelphi, Maryland

USA - December /6/2005
The prices were great. I got a phone call from representative right away. My family in Iran said the flowers were beautiful and delivered on time. I got an email confirming the time they were delivered. Thanks so much for your service. You made my neice's wedding day a better day with your beautiful flowers and speedy delivery.

USA - Valley Park, Missouri

USA - December /5/2005
thanks for your job well done. i am very pleased to see such service is existed for us. again thank you for everything. i have one question , was any pictured taken from delivery and if it was how do i can i get it? thanks in advance.

USA - Hoffman Estates, IL

USA - December /2/2005
This is a first time that I have received an excellent service from an Iraninan bussiness (If it is).
Thanks a lot for a good service.

Farokh Farnood
USA - Walnut Creek, California

USA - November /30/2005
Thank you again for your professional service. This is my fifth or sixth time I have been doing business with your site. Keep up the good work.

Shahin Bahadori
USA - Greenville, North Carolina

USA - November /30/2005
Thank you so very much for delivering such lovely flowers to my mom for her birthday! She loved them! Thanks for helping me send my love and best wishes to her all the way from the US.

USA - Vienna, Virginia

USA - November /30/2005
I am very pleased with the way you have completed my orders. They are always on time and cost effective. Even if they are a little more expensive, I don't mind paying the difference for the good service. I can order with the peace of mind knowing things will be taken care of. Thank you.

USA - McAllen, Texas

USA - November /30/2005
PERFECT! I ordered at 11 pm and I got a call at 11:10 to confirm the order. The order was delivered by 1 the next day. THANK YOU!

USA - Potomac, Maryland

USA - November /30/2005
hi every thing was ok but you guys forget to put the red roses in my order i send one cake + roses but they didn`t take the flower but every thing was good tnas

USA - San Mateo, California

USA - November /28/2005
Thanks for the fast service. I am so glad that you made the delivery very quick and on time. I have placed 3 different orders through your website so far and all have been satisfactory. Thank you

Torfeh Azarkolah
USA - Denver, Colorado

USA - November /28/2005
thanks for making me and my loved one happy thanks for your service

USA - Clifton, New Jersey

United Arab Emirates - November /26/2005
Thanks for the on time service and beautiful flower arrangement. I will tell to my other friends about your website.

Ali-Akbar Saremi
United Arab Emirates - Sharjah

USA - November /26/2005
Thanks for a great service, I was very impressed with the service and the picture, I will certainly use your services in the future. The only thing is that my wife's name was missing from the card (as far as I can tell from the picture). Thanks

Homan Amin
USA - San Jose, CA

USA - November /24/2005
Thank you for prompt delivery of my gifts to my family.

USA - Cromwell, CT

Canada - November /22/2005
Dear GifttoIran, I've been using this service couple of times. It's been fast, convinient and real peace of mind. I love it, and I'm glad that you came out with this great idea.....

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - November /17/2005
The service was performed promptly and professionally.

Shapour Vossoughi
USA - Lawrence, Kansas

Sweden - November /17/2005
Hi, I want to thank you for making both sides very happy.
Please don't change and keep up the good work.

Saied & Sheyda
Sweden - Stockholm

USA - November /17/2005
Just I want to say thanks & 'Khaste Nabashid' to all gifttoiran staff, your team in tehran are very friendly and polite. we will use your service again

USA - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

United Kingdom - November /17/2005
It was my first experience with your company. I am very happy with your service and organization.

United Kingdom - London

Canada - November /11/2005
I realy thank you for your good services. I contaced to my wife (recipient) and everything 's done perfect.

Ahmad Rajabian
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - November /11/2005
dear gift to iran team,
You are fantastic, You people made me cry with joy. thank you for excellent service.
i will recommend your site to my friends.

zohreh nassaji
USA – Brooklyn, New York

USA - November /7/2005
Awesoooooooom service, thanks a million.

USA – Los Angeles, California

Ireland- November /7/2005
Hi... Excellent selection of gifs, fast and friendly delivery and good customer service. We will definitely use your services again! Kheyli mamnoon :-)

Ireland - Dublin

Canada- November /6/2005
It was a good experience, I will shop from you guys more later .

Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

USA- November /6/2005
Thank you for delevering the flowers to Khanome Jila Ehteram in Tehran-Iran. The only problem was, I had asked for red roses and yellow roses were delevered !

Varooj B.
USA - Pasadena, California

USA- November /4/2005
I was very happy with the service and quality of the merchandised. I highly recommend it.

Jamileh Davoudi
USA - Los Gatos , California

USA- November /2/2005
your service is great. I will recommend you to everybody. thank you

Simin F.
USA - San Francisco, California

Canada - October /31/2005
every thing was perfect.thank you

Rana Khashabi
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

Sweden - October /30/2005
You are great

Sweden - Uppsala

USA - October /29/2005
I would like to thank you for the 5 doller discount you offered and the gift of phone card to my family. Thank you for prompt delivery of my gift.

USA - Cromwell, CT

USA - October /26/2005
I am really satisfied with the whole process. I liked the picture taking part a lot! You are doing a terrific job. The organization is responsive and efficient. thank you!

A. Hekmat
USA – Los Altos, California

USA - October /24/2005
Thanks a lot .I recieved quick and effient service .I would definitely use your service regularly and recommend it to my friends.

Mandana Mahmoodi
USA – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

USA - October /24/2005
Thank you for your follow up. The service was done in time and complete. I know that there are lots of people interested to use services specialy for MONEY & COINS, but in this area the offering prices are a little high! I sugest that you modify the pricing for Money & Coins, and for sure you will receive more orders. Again thank you for being responsible.

USA – Raleigh, North Carolina

USA - October /24/2005
Great service! Thank you for sending beautiful flower arrangement to my family.
I definitely recommend you to our friends.

Sahar Teymori
USA – Coupeville, Washington

United kingdom - October /21/2005
Well! What can I say? You did an excellent job and I am more than happy with your service. I would recommend you to anyone needing similar services. I was very impressed with your delivering what you promised. You will go a long way mate! Keep up the good work. We are proud of you!

United kingdom – Manchester

USA - October /21/2005
salam man mikhastam tashakor konam az in dustan man be vasileye in sayt tunestam nazdikane khodam ra khoshal konam.kheyli zood orderam ra delivery kardan .vaghan tashakor mionam az hameye in dustan

USA – Sunland, California

Canada - October /20/2005
I would like to thank you for your great service. The idea of sending the photo of the receipiant with the gift was excelent. First of all I noticed that the gift was exactly as it was on the Web site and most important I saw my Mom (the recipiant) healthy after the heart operation that she had. Thank you again and for sure I will use your service more in future and will recommend you guys to my friends too

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Canada - October /19/2005
It is the second time I send flower to iran with your company and you have really really great & fast service. keep it up

Canada – Vancouver, British Columbia

USA - October /19/2005
I am so happy with your service. Just a suggestion, it would be great if you add music section on your website. Thanks again

Siamak F.
USA – Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

USA - October /13/2005
Excellent service! beautiful photos, professional attitude! I will definitly recommand it to everyone.

USA – Montvale, New Jersey

Canada - October /11/2005
I am very appreciated your excelent service. I am going to refere your friendly company to my frients and family. Thank you

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - October /10/2005
Thank you once again for providing such a wonderful service. It was very sweet of you to add a rose to our get well gift. We really appreciate everything.

Kimberly Sadriniya
USA – Arlington, Texas

Sweden - October /7/2005
Salam, in service interneti kheili bahale ;) vase ma az sarafi asontar bod.
Thank you keep it running for ever!

Masoud va Shams
Sweden – Östergottland

USA - October /5/2005
Thanks a lot .That was an ontime and great. My mum called (local time) and she said " I was exited so much ,eatting a pretty cake was delightful.

Azam Razavi
USA – Morristown, New Jersey

Canada - October /5/2005
I wanted to thank you for your great and on time service. Sending the picture of the receipent is a very good idea. Thanks for free calling card too

Bahrami N.
Canada – Québec, Montréal

USA - October /4/2005
Your Service is fantastic and I greatly appreciate your prompt respond to all requests and questions and your punctuality and caring to take memorable pictures. Thank You!!! The only problem I had was that the flower arrangement was different from what I ordered. It was vaguly close but different.

USA – Rockville, Maryland

USA - October /4/2005
Your service is wonderful :) I will use your service again and I will recommend it to my friends.
Thank you & see you soon.

USA – San Francisco, California

USA - October /4/2005
Excellent service, keep up the good work .................

Nilofar & Keyvan
USA – Houston, Texas

United Arab Emirates - September /29/2005
Ba salam va tashakore faravan az doostanam dar gifttoiran ke kadooye man ro sare vaght dar shiraz tahvil dadid. az inke website shoma ro peyda kardam khyli khoshhalam. irani haye ke dar dubai zendegi mikonand ziyad hastand va khylihashon mikhahand ke baraye aghvameshon dar iran kadoo beferestand vali az in service etelaye nadarand. khob mishod ke agar mitonestid dar dubai ham tablighat dasshte basid. agar komaki az daste man bar miyad, lotfan be man begid.
ba tashakore faravan

Massoud Maleki,
United Arab Emirates - Dubai

USA- September /29/2005
I think you did a wonderful job! I really appreciate. Will surely visit again whenever I need. The people who I sent gifts, said that gifts were beautifully arranged.

USA - Palo Alto, California

Australia - September /29/2005
You provided a great service. Thank you very much.

Australia - Sydney

USA - September /28/2005
I am very please with your services.
My flowers were not deliverd on the specified time and Bobak called me letting me know that I will not be charged however they will deliver the flowers anyways. I was very please that he made the attempt to send the flowers anyway and took the beautifull priceless picture of my father. I will defenately order from you again but this time plz send the flowers on time and do charge me. Thank you again for all your efforts.

USA - Long Beach, California

USA - September /28/2005
Your service has been done very well but not great , I ordered birthday gift to my DAD with post card but he didn't receive any card specially my massage on card. Thanks

Dr. Homayoon Kambiz,
USA - Medford, MA

USA - September /27/2005
I am very happy with your service. I will use it again and I will recommend it to all my friends. I hope as your company grows you will still be able to give the same excellent service. Sending the picture of the receipent was a very good idea. I forward it to many of my close friends and relatives . Thank you.

Shida Chatani,
USA - Portland, Oregon

USA - September /26/2005
Thank you for the excellent service. I will order more flowers soon!

M Kouhgoli,
USA - Mercer Island, Washington

USA - September /26/2005
Thank you very much, we appreciate you great service.

USA - Cromwell, CT

Austria - September /23/2005
Great Great Great Service... Really!! I really love the way you have managed everything. My wife was so suprised... Thank you.

A A J,
Austria - Vienna, Wien

USA - September /23/2005
You did a fantastic job and we are so pleased. me and my wife will recommend you to all our friends.
thank you

H. Soltanizadeh,
USA - Redmond, Washington

USA - September /19/2005
I am all satisfied with your wonderful job.

USA - Columbia, Maryland

Sweden - September /14/2005
Khyli mamnon az inke kadooye man ro be moghe tahvil dadid. madaram ro khyli zogh zadeh kardid. hamishe salem va shad bashid.

Sadaf M.,
Sweden - Stockholm

Canada - September/10/2005
salam be shoma va hamkarane khoobetan, man emrooz ba naamzadam sohbat mikardam va ishoon enghadr zoghzade bood ke had nadasht. aslan entezare in kaaro az man nadasht va man vaghan madyoone shoma va hamkarane azizetan hastam. service e shoma aali bood. az shoma ye donya mamnoonam. motmaenan dar ayande baazam mozahemetoon misham :)

Canada – Ottawa, Ontario

USA - September/8/2005
Gifttoiran has world class customer service, 24 hour GREAT customer service, God bless you guys!!!

USA – San Diego, California

Netherlands - September/8/2005
saalam be haameie karkonane in sherkaat,
mojaadaadaan mikham taashaakor konaam baaraie in kare saavab dare shoma, man ba in rahi ke shoma joloie pam ghozashtin ,toonestaam zendeghimo nejat bedaam , bazaam mochaakeraam aaz koarkonane in sherkaat.

Nima Norouzi,
Netherlands – Bodegraven

USA - September/7/2005
Thank you , great job, again :)

USA – Chapel hill, North Carolina

USA - September/5/2005
Great Service as always! Keep up the great work.

USA – San Francisco, California

USA - September/2/2005
We will be referring you guys to EVERYONE - you are great.

Pedram & Parisa,
USA – Parkville, Maryland

Germany - September/2/2005
Good work. Ich erinnere mich an Ihre Firma für zukünftige Notwendigkeiten.
Thank you

Germany – Münster, NRW

USA - August/27/2005
this is a wonderful site. I am glad that i found this place. The service is great. Love seeing the picture. I will tell all my freinds about this site. Thanks

Sarah laghaeian,
USA – Leesburg, Virginia

Sweden - August/24/2005
ba tashakore faravan az shoma azizan ke be moghe order man ra be maghsad resandid. kheili moteshakeram

Sweden – Stockholm

USA - August/24/2005
Hi. Dear Gift To Iran Team. Thank you so much for your excellent service. Good luck.

USA – Bloomington, Illinois

USA - August/22/2005
Thank you very much for the fast delivery of my gifts to my family in Iran. We appreciate your great service. Sincerely,

USA – Cromwell, CT

Canada - August/22/2005
I'm realy pleased with your service. thank you.

Canada– Toronto, Ontario

USA - August/20/2005
thanks for the prompt and courteous service

USA– Clifton,New Jersey

USA - August/20/2005
The service was greattttt!!! the only thing which didnt happen was the picture. I guess they supposed to take a picture at the time of delivery which they didnt did. Other than that everything was very good. Thank you so much and hopefully I will do it again for future occasions.

Neda Dameshghi,
USA– Germantown, MD

United Kingdom - August/19/2005
Once again, thank you for a job well done. This is my 3nd time shopping with you guys. You are on time and everything is perfect. I am going to use your website forever.

Taraneh M.,
United Kingdom– Cambridge

USA- August/19/2005
Many thanks to gifttoiran staff. Good job!

USA– Kings Park, New York

Australia - August/15/2005
Great service! Thank you for handling the flower delivery so promptly.
Will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Shohreh & Mehran,
Australia– Sydney

USA - August/11/2005
The Best Service Ever. Extremely organized and punctual. I can't wait for my next order.Thank you so much for everything.

Firouzeh H.,
USA - Encino, California

USA - August/10/2005
Very happy with service. Thank You. Would have liked to received a photo. Maybe you could charge a few dollars extra for this service. I would rather pay to get it, then to hope maybe I would get a free one.

USA - Casnovia, Michigan

USA - August/8/2005
Thank you again, delivery was perfect and I continue business with this company and introduce to my Iranians friends.

USA - New Orleans, Louisiana

USA - August/8/2005
I received your conformation email it was just wonderful and great all your service I am so glad to find your web site by yahoo... we are looking forward to do more business with y in future thanks again I have only one suggestion" if is possible it would be so nice if anyone who place a order to get a picture of their receiver at the time of delivery" your web site is just great ,,,also your staff and service

Mina & Tommy,
USA - jacksonville, Florida

USA - August/3/2005
This is the first time I see an Iranian company in US to have such a great service, super fast delivery and free pictures of the recipients. This is a trustable company. Place your order with confident.

siamak marivani,
USA - El Paso, Texas

Canada - August/2/2005
Good Service

Abbas Alighanbari,
Canada- Toronto, Ontario

USA - August/1/2005
Thank you for sending a nice flowers to my brother they were so beautiful.

USA - Terre Haute, Indiana

USA - July /30/2005
Thank you very much for prompt delivery of my gifts to my family in Iran. I was woundering if you would know a business in Iran that provides home health care in Iran .

USA - Cromwell, CT

USA - July /29/2005
This is the first time ,i ordered from this site and i am happy. Thank you

USA - Las Vegas , Nevada

USA - July /29/2005
Dear Gift to Iran team: Thanks again for an impressive service. Every thing was on time as always. Keep up the good work!

USA - Rockville, Maryland

USA - July /29/2005
I am very pleased with your service and very proud of your team being of Iranian origin and running this buissines so smoothly and customer oriented. I have already recomended your website and your service to quite a few of my friends. Keep up the good work...

Mojgan Kobari,
USA - Alpharetta, Georgia

USA - July /28/2005

Feridoon Narimanian,
USA - Hockessin, Delaware

Norway - July /28/2005
Thank you very much again for prompt delivery of my gift to my mother in Tehran. Thank you for the calling card.I appreciate your excellent service:0)

Norway - Oslo

USA- July /28/2005
I liked your sevice, it was on time and perfect i will defently use you in my future orders. Good Luck.

USA - Atlanta, Georgia

Sweden - July /28/2005
Khyli mamnon, khyli khoshalam ke website shoma ro peyda kardam.

Sweden - Stockholm

USA- July /28/2005
You made my mother so happy. THANKS A LOT

Giti & Farbod,
USA – Edmond, Oklahoma

USA- July /28/2005
I am so glad I found your gift shop on the internet. thank you so ... Gift delivered on time and in perfect condition. Great service, I will be back!

USA - Santa Rosa, California

USA- July /27/2005
Thank you all, Great job :)))))))))

USA - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

United Kingdom - July /27/2005
Hi, It is great to be able to see a digital photo of those dearests who actually receive the gifts but it would be more useful if it was possible to actually recognise the people in those photos either by having larger sizes of the photos or to be able to see them enlarged on the web page. I have been keeping my eyes inches away from the screen and still cannot tell whether my Mum has beeb in any of the photos. The way it is currently, people in all those photos look the same! Thanks

Kaveh Shoja
United Kingdom - London

USA- July /21/2005
We received the pictures. Thank you so much. They were great and we really appreciate you for providing this wonderful service. It's so nice to be able to send gifts to and to see our relatives from so far away. We can't tell you thank you enough.

Mohsen and Kimberly Sadriniy
USA - Arlington , Texas

USA- July /18/2005
thanks for your service that made it possible to state my feelings to my beloved person.

USA - Santa Monica, California

United Kingdom- July /18/2005
Dear Gift to Iran team, Many thanks for an impressive service. My relative in Tehran received his flowers in 24 hours from the time I placed an order and I also received a picture of him with the flowers. I will recommend you to other Persian friends with no hesitation. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Peymaneh from London

United Kingdom - London

USA- July /16/2005
Thank you big time for your awesome service! I heard from my family in Iran about delivery which was so on time and perfect. Thanks again

USA - Houston, Texas

USA- July /12/2005
As always you make some one very important to me happy. Thanks for the great service

USA - Wichita, Kansas

USA- July /10/2005
Just wanted to thank you so much for such a nice customer service and delivering my order at the right time. The flowers was so beautiful too. Thanks again.

Mojgan K.
USA - San Ramon, California

USA- July /3/2005
Excellent service. Thank you

USA - Cypress, Texas

USA- June /30/2005
Thank you very much again for prompt delivery of my gift to my family in Tehran. Thank you for the calling card, I appreciate your excellent service.

USA - Inland Empire, California

USA- June /27/2005
Thank you very much for prompt delivery of my Gifts. My family was very happy with the delicious and beautifuly decorated cake. Thank you for the phone card and the great service.

USA - Cromwell, CT

USA- June /20/2005
I was quite pleased with the service and would recommend your service. I will probably use you again in the future.
Thank you very much

W. A. Allen
USA - Huston, Texas

USA- June /13/2005
Thanks for the great service. You guys did an awesome job.

USA - North Liberty, Iowa

Canada- June /12/2005
Many thanks and appreciations for the job well-done. You have shown a high degree of professionalism and quality. Cheers!

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA- June /7/2005
I was very pleased with this service from delivery to customer service. The flowers arrived exactly on time and I heard that they were fresh and beautifully arranged :) Thank you for letting me make my mom feel special on her birthday.

USA - San Francisco, California

Canada- June /5/2005
Thank you for your hard working. I don't know how to thank you. My aunt was exterimly surprised. That was the best service I have ever received. Every thing was excatly on time. Thanks again so much.

Sousan Shakeri
Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA- June /4/2005
the gift I sent was delivered right on time and I was very satisfied with the service, I just wish I could see the picture.

A. J.
USA - Virginia Beach, Virginia

USA- May /28/2005
thank you again for your service and the pictures
it was very nice
best regards

A. Motlagh
USA - Litchfield Park, Arizona

Egypt- May /28/2005
Your service is excellent, your website are so convenient and you are always commited to the clients.Thanks very much .Good Luck.

Egypt - Cairo

USA- May /27/2005
All I could say is that I wish I knew about this website earlier, you guys made me look good in front of my fiance by being responsible and concern about my order.
God bless you all and keep up the great work! :)

USA - Potomac, Maryland

USA- May /26/2005
Thank you very much for prompt delivery of my gift to my family in Iran. Thank you for the calling card, we appreciate your excellent service.

USA - Cromwell, Connecticut

USA- May /26/2005
Thank you so much ; you did a great job , AGAIN

USA - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

USA- May /23/2005
Your services and products are the best I can imagine. I am very happy with them and will continue to use your company. Thanks.

USA - Santa Rosa, California

USA- May /20/2005
We are extremely happy with the exceptionally good services. Not only we recommend their service but also I can see that we will be a loyal customer in many years to come.

USA - Leesburg, Virginia

USA- May /18/2005
Thanks a lot for the good and fast service, I am sure I order more stuff real soon. Thank you

USA - Sterling, Virginia

USA- May /17/2005
I have used your service before and been very impressed with both your gift range and efficiency.

Sara Fahimi
USA - Edmonds, Washington

USA- May /11/2005
Thank you to sending the flowers on time.

USA - Glendale, California

USA- May /10/2005
I am very satisfied with the service I have received so far. Thank you and I hope you keep the qualities high and wish you success.

USA - Riverside, California

USA- May /9/2005
A++++++++++++++++++++, thank you so much , best service ever , thx

USA - Herndon, Virginia

USA- May /9/2005
I'm impressed with your service. Keep it up!

USA - Reston, Virginia

USA- May /9/2005
Thank you for the excellent job and I am very pleased with my recent order "as ALWAYS" ! Thanks.

USA - Rockville, Maryland

USA- May /8/2005
Thank you very much for prompt delivery of my gift to my family in Iran.

USA - Cromwell, Connecticut

United Kingdom- May /3/2005
I'll be referring you guys to EVERYONE - you are great.

United Kingdom - Birmingham

Turkey - May /3/2005
You did a fabulous job. I will remember you for future gifts needs.

Turkey - Istanbul Technical University

USA - April /29/2005
I am very pleased with my recent order. My family were ecstatic about the fresh, beautiful flowers delievered to them. I thank the staff of the for their professional service.

USA - Dublin, California

Mexico - April /28/2005
My order was delivered just in time .. I appreciate very much your great service. When my recipient received her present told me that it´s so beautiful, and that is a very special detail... she is thankful ... and as I needed to send precisely that day in that hour the gift, you helped me to make my dreams come true; thanks a lot. Regards, you are joining people over seas through your service which make the people to be nearest as ever. once again thank you ... sincerely

Pedro Rosales
Mexico - Rosarito, Baja California

USA - April /25/2005
Great service, and very kind customer service representatives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it possible for me to make my Wife happy while we're far away from each other. I have one question though, I'm interested in sending to my Wife and her family some money, because they really are in bad financial situation right now, I'm asking everywhere and also checked with the banks but they are not allowed do transfers to Iran. Do you have any of such service that I can transfer money to my family in Iran, or that maybe to deliver currency there. I'm in desperate need to help my family and I can't, I would really apreciate it if you could help me in any way that you would be able to. With the most senciere wishes, and best regards,

Kastriot Sejdaj
USA - Brooklyn, New York

USA - April /23/2005
Thank you for you fast and wonderful service. I will recommend you to all my friends.

USA - Los Angeles, California

Iran - April /23/2005
You give people the best they can ever have... a smile... I really appreciate your help to make my dearest one happy....
best of all

Iran – Tehran

USA - April /22/2005
Thank you very much, for a wonderful service.

USA – Cromwell, Connecticut

USA - April /22/2005
Thank you for a wonderful service. My mom in Tehran said the flowers were very fresh and beautiful and the service very professional. I'll be recommending this site to friends!

USA – Minneapolis, Minnesota

USA - April /18/2005
Your selection is absolutely fabulous!!! I'll be using your service often in the future.

Shima Maleki
USA – Woodland, Washington

Canada - April /17/2005
thanks for ur service .it was very good .flower and service

Canada – Toronto, Ontario

USA - April /12/2005
Thank you so much for your reposnse. My family in Iran received all the gifts that I had sent. I appreciate your help and for setting up such a convenient tool for sending gifts to Iran.

Alin Gharapetian
USA – Burbank, California

Mexico - April /7/2005
Salam, thanks for your excelent service, I have allready received two pictures of my recipient, who is satisfied with the gift, and I´m thankfull for your diligent customer service.

Mexico – Rosarito, Baja California

USA - April /6/2005
I would like to thank you for the excellent and prompt service you provided with the delivery of my gifts to my family. It made them and me very happy. You provided a great service for all of us. The cake was beautifully decorated, and my mother told me it was delicious. I would like to know if in the future we can order baskets, such as baskets that have varity of foods or toiletry items example can stows,dolmas,halvas, shampo etc.... for home delivery to Iran for family members who might be home bound for one reason or another. Thank you again for the wonderful service. Best wishes

USA – Cromwell, Connecticut

USA - April /5/2005
Excellent service, fast shipping....a pleasure to do business with...

USA – Alexandria, Virginia

USA - April /5/2005
Your service was great! Thanks.

USA – Los Altos, California

USA - April /4/2005
I would just like to thank you for delivering my gifts so quickly. I am so impressed with your speedy service, Iwill definitely use you again. The people who I sent gifts to said that they were beautifully wrapped, thank you

USA – Olympia, Washington

Canada - April /4/2005
Thanks for the great service and follow up you did on my order. Every thing was fine except for delivery in Tehran, that your contact called my mom and said he will be there around 6 pm but showed up around 8. I haven't been in Tehran for years now and I have no idea about traffic, that could be the reason. Thanks again so much.

Nazar Kamangar
Canada – Richmond Hill, Ontario

USA - March /28/2005
We are so happy with your prompt service. everything was great and on time.
Thanks a million.

Negar & Ali
USA – Tallahassee, Florida

United Kingdom - March /23/2005
I have never had such a good experience with a gift service company. Thank you so much for on time flower delivery to my family.

Farah Hosseini
United Kingdom – Oxford

USA - March /22/2005
Excellent service. Would recommend it strongly.

USA – Atlanta, Georgia

USA - March /22/2005
Thank You very much for the AWESOME service...i got the picture too. i'll definitly be back and will be a regular at ur site and i will refer this site to my friends...thanx again. You did a great job and i really really appreciate it!!!

USA – Marshall, Minnesota

USA - March /22/2005
Thank you for the good service. Although the flower they received was not what I picked on line still they said it was beautiful. So thanks...

Gita Khadem
USA – Columbia, Maryland

USA - March /21/2005
The service was wonderful, it was very on time and it was the best gift that i could send to my family.
Thank you

USA – Playa Del Rey, California

USA - March /21/2005
Thank you for your persistence in getting the gift delivered. I appreciate your good service.
Saale No Mobarak!

Michael Mills
USA – San Francisco, California

USA - March /21/2005
Thank you SO MUCH! We received a phone call from family in Tehren, and they were THRILLED with your delivery! You did a wonderful job; we will certainly use you again.

Becky Sharif
USA – Garland, Texas

USA - March /21/2005
You are the best, keep up the good work.

N. Farahmand
USA – San Jose, California

Australia - March /20/2005
I am really happy with your great service and the flowers were well arranged. Thank you for the pictures. I will definitely recommend your service to my friends and family.

Farhad Nasaji
Australia – Canberra

France - March /20/2005
Dear Gifttoiran team, You did the best service and I am proud of you. please add CD and movie section to your site. thank you again

France– Paris

USA - March /19/2005
Thank you so much, Your service was wonderful, Fast and reliable, Thanks again.

USA - Euless, Texas

USA - March /15/2005
I am very pleased with the service and happy that we have this option to be able to send gifts to our family and friends

Arman Nosrati
USA - Richfield, Ohio

United Kingdom - March /15/2005
Prompt delivery. Very impressed with the service. This was the second time that I had ordered through Gifts to Iran, I shall certainly continue to use this service.

Affy Darbandi-Scott
United Kingdom - London

USA - March /9/2005
Just like to thank you for you excellent service. Have already given your web address to everyone I know. You are the BEST!

USA - Rockville, Maryland

Canada - March /9/2005
Thank you very much for your prompt and courteous delivery. You made my mother very happy.
best regards

Ghasem Nouri
Canada- Toronto, Ontario

USA - March /7/2005
My mother called me from Iran yesterday. She was very happy and excited for the flower. I wanted to thank Gift to Iran team for their on time excellent service. I definitely recommend you to our friends and family, Keep it up!

Sara Nejati
USA - Santa Cruz, California

Sweden - March /2/2005
Thank you, we are very pleased with your service. Specialy with your managing delivery time limititation and your card and calling card. Do you have shipment and delivery to and in Sweden (Stockholm) as well? Thank you again

Sweden - Stockholm

USA - Februray /27/2005
Thank you very much for prompt delievery. You made my family very happy. I will use your services for all my future deliveries.

USA - Cromwell, Connecticut

United Kingdom - Februray /25/2005
I am so pleased with the excellent and on-time service that you provided for me on my mum's birthday. Thanks a lot and I will definitely recommend you to all friends in UK. The pictures that you took and sent me were the best part of it and it brought tears of joy to my eyes when I saw my mum and sister with the flowers that I had sent on her birthday.

United Kingdom - Northampton

United Kingdom - Februray /21/2005
I would like to thank, every one in gift to iran, I have received a very good service and from now on i will be your regular customer . Thank you for the great customer service you have. good luck
best regards

Hoda Ashrafian
United Kingdom - London

United Arab Emirates - Februray /19/2005
thanks it is excelent service to keep in touch with ours dears and nears and hoping that you will also enhance your service regarding matching pair. thanks and best regards.

Saqib Habibi
United Arab Emirates - Dubai

USA - Februray /18/2005
I was so happy with your service, thank u so much

Maryam Afshar
USA - Ashburn, Virginia

Belgium - Februray /18/2005
Just perfect. Everything on time and correct.

Belgium - Antwerpen

USA - Februray /18/2005
I am very pleased with your service and I'll use your services again. Thank you

Ebrahim Olfatmanesh
USA - San Antonio, Texas

USA - Februray /17/2005
This is my second time using this service and they have been excellent!!! Very professional and very courteous. Thank you so much!!!

Ali Jamshidi
USA - Marietta, Georgia

USA - Februray /15/2005
Thank you so much. I was very happy to see that my gift was delivered on time and just as it was pictured on the net I look forward to have you again when I want to order some gifts to Iran. Yours truly Carl. D.

USA - Gig Harbor, Washington

USA - Februray /15/2005
Thank you for your excellent service.

USA - Plainfield, New Jersey

Germany - Februray /15/2005

Germany - Frankfurt

South Africa - Februray /15/2005
Thank you for the excellent and efficient service. I was very impressed with the manner in which the gift was delivered. I must admit that I was a bit hesitant about ordering online, but with this kind of service I would definitly do it again. Keep up the good work.

South Africa - Durban

New Zealand - Februray /14/2005
Excellent service! On time delivery and certainly responsive. I thank you for providing such a wonderful service.

New Zealand - Auckland

USA - Februray /14/2005
Very happy with service. Will definitely use again :))

Cyrus Raafat
USA - Santa Rosa, California

Egypt - Februray /11/2005
Thank you...
Always happy with your site. Good Luck

Egypt - Cairo

USA - Februray /7/2005
Even though u told me you people are over booked for Sunday 6th of Feb. but still you put the matter under consideration regarding my request. My sister got her gift at the time when all her family and friends were there and you made her day, she called and cried, I really thank you guys to make all of us (Iranian) to be touch.

USA - Sanata Monica, California

United Kingdom - Februray /6/2005
Wonderful service. Very prompt and good communication.

United Kingdom - Cornwall

USA - Februray /4/2005
Dear Staff at Gift To Iran, I just want to say: Job very well done, YOU are the best , your services are ow some, you have me for customer as long as I live and need to send gifts and surprises to my loved ones. Thank you very much to make me and her happy. She sends her regards Also. Nice pictures too. You are fantastic.

Matthew Rostami
USA - Oceanside, California

Canada - Februray /2/2005
I was very pleased with the service. They told me the gifts which I had ordered, were packaged in very nice and presentable manner, and were delivered on time, very professionally. I would definitely use this service, when the occasion arises again, and recommend it to all. thanks for the great service.

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - Februray /1/2005
I just wanted to thank you for your great and on time service. I will be more than glad to do more business with you. Thank you much,

Nazila Aghamirza
USA - Burke, Virginia

USA - Februray /1/2005

S Hamzelou
USA - Rutherford, New Jersey

USA - January /27/2005
I really enjoyed shopping with you. I was very impressed how friendly and helpful you all were and I really appreciated the low shipping costs. I definately will be back to shop again now that I have had such a good experience. Thanks so much, Marissa

USA - Providence, Rhode Island

Canada - January /24/2005
Dear Gift To Iran Team,
First of all, congratualtions for such a brilliant idea. Secondly, thank you for on time and friendly services for delivering my gift to my sister on her birthday. It made her, as well as her staff and co-workers, very surprised and brought them so exciting and memorable moments. As a Turk, I hope that you expand all kinds of your gifts and services to Azerbaijani state and cities, like Tebriz and Urumiye, too.
I have recommended and referred your services to my friends, as well. Wish the best quality for your business and services.

Canada - London ,Ontario

USA - January /20/2005
I had a great experience with Gift To Iran. All the arrangements were done flawlessly and even though I had some specific instruction (since this was a surprise) everything went great. Just as a suggestion, it would be nice to have more cake designs available on your website. Thanks again

Azadeh Razi
USA - San Jose ,California

USA - January /17/2005
Salam , Thank you very much for your prompt service. It made my nephew very happy when he recieve it! I was too very happy that I have chosen to send to my love ones!

C Nouri
USA - Redondo Beach, California

USA - January /16/2005
Thank you for your service. it was great.

USA - Glendale, Arizona

Sweden - January /13/2005
Hi! I just want to say thank you very much, because you delivered my order on time. For the picture of the recipient which you sent it to me! It means very very much to me!!! Thanks you once again. I'll highly recommend your services to my friends & relatives. With my warm & best regards

Sweden - Vaxholm, Stockholm

USA - January /12/2005
Thank you for your very prompt service. I recieved a thankyou email from the recipient, and she was very happy with her gift.

USA - Tigard, Oregon

USA - January /7/2005
Thank you so much for your great service.I hope you continue your work in such a great service.
best regard.

USA - Tarzana, California

USA - January /2/2005
Thanks you so much for the service, your pictures are great it is such a great idea to connect us to that moment with our family. Thanks again

USA - San Diego, California

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