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Please spare a few minutes to share some of your valuable suggestions and comments about our service. To send us email, please simply fill out the form below.(*Required field)

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Here's what they've said about us in 2004:

USA - December /30/2004
It was my first time ordering via and I was extremely impressed with their professional and friendly service.
I would like to applaud this level of customer service and prompt other companies to take this as an example of how to do business.

USA - Danville, California

USA - December /29/2004
Thank you so much for your delivery and picture of my wife. What a great idea!!! Again many thanks and look forward to our next purchase.

USA - Breckenridge, Colorado

USA - December /27/2004
Thank you for the prompt service. I immediately had a response telling me how beautiful the flowers were.

USA - Newton, MA

USA - December /26/2004
Thank you very much,
That was very good and on time.

USA - Reston, Virginia

USA - December /24/2004
Thank you again for the good service. I will shop again.

USA - Flushing, NY

France - December /21/2004
It was fantastic. you could fairly make her shoked. thanks
Cΰ marche!

France - Paris

USA - December /20/2004
I am very pleased with the results of my order. It was so easy, and convenient. Services were prompt, with ample communication in terms of the status of my order until it was delivered to the reciepient. I plan to use this service in the future, as I feel confident in the integrity and quality of customer service of this site. Thank you for all your efforts.

USA - Castro Valley, CA

USA - December /15/2004
Thanks once again for the on time delivery of the beautiful flowers that I ordered for my mother in occassion of mother's day. According to my mother the customer service was excellent and the flowers looked great. Thank you for a job well done and more important thank you for reminding me of the Iranian's mother day, it is hard for us to keep up with the Iranian calender here in USA and the e-mail reminder was very helpfull. I am sure I will be using your services again soon. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

USA - Houston, TX

USA - December /15/2004
The service is the best, you do have lots of items to choose from, and you make my family and me very happy, never go away. I did recommend you to my friend and I will see you soon.

USA - Wichita, Kansas

Canada - December /15/2004
Thank you so much for the delivery and excellent service. I will use your great service in the near future.

Canada - Montreal

Canada - December /14/2004
Dear Gift to Iran, Thank you very much for your delivery and especially the pictures. Your service is deeply appreciated.

Canada - Alberta

USA - December /14/2004
Thank you so much for the fast & great delivery.

USA - Anaheim Hills, California

USA - December /12/2004
Great service & follow up. I will come back again for sure and will recommend you to all my friends. Keep up the good work.
Thanks Again

USA - Encino, California

Mexico - December /10/2004
para los que vivimos en paises con sistemas de paquetería poco eficientes, este servicio GiftToIran tiene una fina atención al cliente y entrega en tiempo y forma tan excelente que merece reconocimiento de honorable.
Vivo en México y al ver el paralelismo de las culturas Persa -Mexicana, solo faltaba esa liga que acerque a las personas, ustedes a mas de hacer envíos están uniendo sentimientos y culturas através de continentes, uniendo ambos paises en esta era de globalización.
Felicidades, Sigan adelante en tan buena labor.

For all who live in countries with delivery systems non-eficient, the GiftToIran delivery sistem has the fine client service and on time delivery which makes it worthy of honour.
I live at Mexico, and I´ve seen the paralellism on the Persian-Mexican culture, and GiftToIran is the link needed to join people and feelings between cultures and people over seas in a global world. Congratularions, good work and go ahead in so kind and human labor.

Pedro Rosales
Mexico - Rosarito Baja California

USA - December /6/2004
Thank you very much for the service, I am really very glad, and your gift service was awsome.

USA - Adelphi, Maryland

USA - December /1/2004
your service it was great ,thanks alot ,GOOD JOB

USA - Losangeles , CA

USA - November /29/2004
I would like to take this time to thank you and your organezation for the great service you have provided me, look forward to doing ferther business with you .

Fred Afzal
USA - Fremont , CA

Spain - November /25/2004
Salam Gift-to-Iran ! Thank you very much. Everything worked out just PERFECT !

Markus Gries
Spain - Palma de Mallorca

USA - November /22/2004
Thank You so much! The service was excellent and I would highly recommend Gift To Iran.

Ross Abdo
USA - Ashburn, Virginia

USA - November /21/2004
I can simply describe this service as one word: PERFECT
Thank you so much.

USA - San Jose, CA

USA - November /20/2004
Thank you so much! The service was perfect. The follow up phone calls and emails letting me know that the flowers were delivered was perfect. I will always refer you to friends in usa with family in iran

Renee Wolfinbarger
USA - Tucson, Arizona

USA - November /18/2004
Complete satisfaction...I highly recommend your site to all my friends in LA.
Thank you.

USA - Los Angeles, CA

USA - November /15/2004
Thank you for the pictures. Your service is 10 of 10.

Sami Kalifa
USA - Annadale, VA

USA - November /4/2004
Very satisfactory service, specially the follow up and communication was excellent.

Aleheh Faridi
USA - Houston, Texas

Canada - October /30/2004
This is the first time I have used this service and the transaction was perfect. Customer Service was excellent and I was amazed at how fast my order was processed and delivered. It was less than 24hrs.. Thanks so Much!!!

Canada - Windsor, ON

USA - October /25/2004
Thank you so much for your service. Follow up calls and everything.


Canada - October /22/2004
It was my first time using the service and I was very impressed with the friendly staff and prompt service. I will definitely use you again.

Canada - Toronto, Ontario

USA - October /20/2004
This is a really helpful for people who lives out of Iran and they have familly and friends in there
Thank you

USA - Georgia, GA

USA - October /19/2004
I thought that that will be the hardest thing to do ,when any events are coming ahead and i need to plan a motnth before to send something, still never get the same right time, after finding your website on last norooz and i send flower to my familly that i have not seen them for a long long time and they got it right at time and when my Dad call me, he was crying and SAID "We all felt your present today with us" I am very happy with your service and very glad to find you GUYS,you made my conection again with my loved one. Thanks for the good effort.

Sayeh Sadegh
USA - Santa Monica, California

USA - October /15/2004
thanks a lot for the picture. The flowers are really beautiful. Thanks

USA - New York, NY

USA - October /15/2004
Thank You, They have received your beautifull arrangement.

Manijeh Novini
USA - Akron, Ohio

USA - October /13/2004
Hi, I received the pictures and I appreciate you taking those for us.hope we can use your great service again in the future.

USA – Fountain valley, CA

Canada - October /7/2004
I would like to thank you for your great service and on time delivery.
I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends.

Canada– Montreal, Quebec

USA - October /7/2004
The service was great! I was impressed with the follow-up call and the delivery.

Leada Sarram
USA – South Natick, MA

USA - October /7/2004
Great, courteous, punctual service!
Flowers arrived on time. Good follow through before and after delivery. Keep up the great work, guys!

USA – San Rafael, CA

USA - October /6/2004
I am very pleased with your service.I will definetly use your service again and recommend you to my friends.Thank you

Mitra Zade
USA – Dublin, CA

United Kingdom - October /5/2004
Your service is simply unbelievable. I ordered on Thursday Midnight - - my gifts were delivered within 36 hours. We should be proud of such a professional service.
pls keep it up - Our community does need you.

United Kingdom – Preston

USA - September /30/2004
Thank you for the pictures and I am very happy for your fast and cordial service.
I will racomand your site to my friends.

USA - Los angeles, CA

USA - September /27/2004
Dear GiftToIran Customer Service Staff,
I received the pictures. Thank you so much for your reliable and prompt service! It was a great experience to be your customer and I will indeed use your services again.
Thank you again,

Babak Mohassel
USA - Buffalo, NY

USA - September /27/2004
Dear guys in gift Iran
Thank you so much for your fast service and your grate job. I am looking forward to do more business with you guys. Thanks again

USA - San Diego, CA

USA - September /25/2004
I was very happy with the services that was provided. I specially appreciated conformation thru phone and email as well as confirming the shipment of my order.
I will defenately make my next order thru your company.
Thank you

USA - Sacramento, California

USA - September /20/2004
Very proud to have such an outstanding Iraninan web site available;
they put all their effort to make a pleasant memorries; they bring so much love and joy in our lives, very happy and content.
Thanks a million

USA - Chapel Hill, NC

USA - September /17/2004
Be sure that I will refer all my friends and family to you.

USA - Beverly Hills, California

USA - September /16/2004
I ordered a basket of flowers for my Mother's Birthday yesterday around 10 pm. The basket was delivered this morning before 11 am. This is a less than 12 hr response time. I am very impressed by the rapidity of your service. Thank you very much, and keep up the good work.

Kamran Tavassoli
USA - Tallahassee, Florida

Canada - September /13/2004
Thanks a was great experince..a little bit expensive but excellent...specialy the lady on the phone...her customer service is wonderfull...
as a suggestion, it would be very nice if you could take a picture with a digital camera and email it to the customer. thanks a lot and good luck

Ali Golozar Basiri
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Canada - September /7/2004
thank you so much for deliverd my order. you did best thing in the word.
with best wishes

Canada – Waterloo, Ontario

United Kingdom - September /6/2004
Thank you for a wonderful, prompt service. I shall definitley be using your service in the future. My only regret is that I did not know about your service earlier - before my Mother passed away last year.

Affy Scott
United Kingdom – London

USA - September /5/2004
Well, as usual you proved yourself to be the best and the most reliable of all the rest who are in the same business. I am a returning customer, and once again my order was delivered in Tehran in less than 24 hours, the flowers looked fresh and beautiful and the price is more than reasonable and I am very very satisfied. I will always remain your customer and keep recommending you to all my friends. Best wishes for your continous success.

USA - Houston, TX

Turkey - September /4/2004
I want to thanks you for your kind and great service , it was really helped me,because on that time i couldnt do anything myself in iran and you did it for me.
with thanks amir hossein khonsari.
light,love and bless.

amir hossein khonsari
Turkey - Via Mersin - 10

USA - September /2/2004
You are the best. Thanks for your services.

Parisa Movahed
USA - San diego

Australia - August /31/2004
Hello, Thank you so much for delivered my order. I thing your company is the best. I will soon call u for another order.
once again Thanks for every thing

Azita Vaziri
Australia - St Leonards

USA - August /31/2004
Thank you so much. I will let others know about you.

USA - Breckenridge, Colorado

USA - August /30/2004
Couldn't be better, A++++++++++++++++++++++

USA - Chapel hill, NC

Belgium - August /30/2004
Chobi chobi to all of you, my family was very pleased.

Belgium - Brussels

USA - August /30/2004

USA - Lawrence, KS

Denmark - August /26/2004
Your service has been excellent. Even though i suspect a high degree of uncertainty still, an iranian in belgium led me indirectly to this place and so far i have absolutely nothing to complaint about.

Ed Alsalu
Denmark – Copenhagen

USA - August /24/2004
Thanks for the delivery. Very good service.

USA – New York

USA - August /20/2004
Thank you very much. I did spoke to Iran and they did recived the flowers.
Thanks again.

M Rastehgar,
USA – San Francisco, CA

USA - August /18/2004
I'm really satisfied with your service.I want to specially thank the person who dlivered the flowers for his good and organized job and on time delivery. I will recommend your service to my friends.
Best Regards,

Babak partowazar,
USA – Tarzana, CA

Denmark - August /15/2004
Salam! Thank you for the deleivery,every thing was in a way I expected,the quality was very good (both cake and flower) which I really appreciate it,To be honest for me personally it was so hard to trust to an iranian web site,but every thing was perfectly done...Movafagh bashid as you will until you have customer satisfaction:)

Aida Seifi,
Denmark – Copenhagen

USA - August /12/2004
By this email, I would like to thank you for your great service and on time delivery. Definitely I will recommend your site to my friends and I will use your services in the case of need.
I can say, it was so amazing to find a Iranian Company to provide these services such as a professional one, or even better than most of the services that I used here in USA or Europe.
Best Regards,

Armin Jamil Koroghli,
USA – Dana Point, CA

USA - August /9/2004
thank you for your excellent and prompt service, you made it possible for us to express our love to our mother, thank you

USA – Phoenix, AZ

USA - August /8/2004
I just found out about the gifttoiran site a few days ago , I placed the order , they delivered it as it was instructed, very happy with the service, great communication ,will do business again.

USA – Chapel hill, NC

Canada - August /7/2004
I'm glad to chose gifttoiran.thank you.

Canada – Toronto

USA - August /6/2004
Many thanks for the such a quick and great response and delivery. You all have been so kind and responsible.

Sharifeh Shirazi,
USA – Potomac, MD

Canada - August /5/2004
Your website is perfect and your delivery is perfect.
And the kindness of Iranian people is perfect. I remember on one occasion I needed help with your website and immediately they called me on the phone to help. The people of the world can learn kindness from Iran... In 2 months I will visit Iran for the second time and I can hardly wait.

Canada – Abbotsford, BC

USA - August /4/2004
Thank you for nice work. I am sending gift by you for almost one year. Thank you again.

USA – Gaithersburg, MD

USA - August /1/2004
Excellent service. They delivered exactly what they promised. I highly recommend others to do business with you. Keep up the good work.

USA – Boise, Idaho

USA - July /28/2004
I am very pleased with your service and like to take this opportunity to thank your management and staff for a job so well done. Wish you all the best.

USA – Deltona, Florida

USA - July /21/2004
Fast delivery, excellent service.....Thank you!!

Nazli Maki,

United Arab Emirates - July /6/2004
It was very attractive packaging. Good Service !

United Arab Emirates – Dubai

USA - July /3/2004
Perfection perfection perfection....THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO...
MUCH. The respond to my call was very fast, very exact and professional, the delivery was just in time....everything was just perfect. Thank you once more.
Just I would like to ask one question, my fiance moved to Mashhad because of her job, so I wanted to know wether you deliver in Mashhad the same as in Tehran?
Thank you so much again, and I wish all of you much sucsess and happiness in
your lives.

Kastriot Sejdaj,
USA – Brooklyn, NY

USA - July /2/2004
I think the Service is great and the idea behind it is wonderful for any Iranian living abroad who wants to put a smile on a face, I just wish that the delivery time would be more convienent, and earlier than 7 or 8 at night. Thanks

USA – Oklahoma City

USA - July /1/2004
Onc again thank you very much for a job well done. This is my 2nd time shopping with you guys. You were on time and everything went as planned.
Thank you very much and consider me your customer for life.

Shahin Bahadori,
USA – Greenville, NC

USA - July /1/2004
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was to receive a phone call from your organization last night confirming my order. I have been sending flowers to Iran for a few years now and this was the first time
any one confirmed my order. I will recommend your business to all my friends and family and congratulate you on your customer service.

Parnian Shahin,
USA – Ashburn, VA

USA - June /30/2004
Thanks a bunch for your grand service delivering a beautiful bouquet to my father who just returned home from a surgery. His voice was so thrilled and excited due to receiving our message. Your service is very fast with high quality . Keep up the great work guys.

USA – Mountain View, CA

USA - June /27/2004
thank you I am very happy with your service I don't speak farsy and this service make it easy for me to sent things to iran to my in laws on specials dates.

USA – Hercules, CA

Norway - June /24/2004
Ba salam khedmate karkonane gifttoiran.
Omidvaram ke hamishe khob va salamat bashid ,khili mamanon az inke baradare mano dar iran -shiraz khoshhal kardid va hamchenin mano.
Khili az daste gole zibayi ke vassh ferestadid khosheshon omade bod va hamchenin kart va sevice karkonaetonm,.
Bazham ba tashakor az shoma va hamchenin ,arezoye movafeghiyat bishtar dar karhayetan .
Hatman dar ayande ,dobare mozahemeton misham .
Ghorbane shoma Niky

Norway – Skejtten, Oslo

Canada - June /22/2004
Many thanks to you and the service you provide!
There's no doubt, that the flowers you delivered to my sick friend, would have put a smile in his eyes and in his heart!! I only wish I could have been there when he received them. I will use your service for all my delivery needs.

Canada – Kitchener, Ontario

Canada - June /20/2004
Thank you.

Payman Safaverdi,
Canada – Toronto, Ontario

Sweden - June /13/2004
Thanks for your very good & professional service! I 'll certainly use your services again. Great job guys!;)

Sweden – Stockholm

USA - June /13/2004
Excellent service. fast and exactly as promised. I'll definitely shop again.

USA – New Orleans, CA

USA - June /11/2004
we are very impressed by your prompt and professional service, will certainly use your services again. Thank you.
As for suggestions, it would be great to expand on the list of services and goods,.. and more pictures of places and areas.

Ali Soltani,
USA – New York, NY

USA - June /4/2004
I have used Gift to Iran services a couple of times and I have been very happy with their delivery, quality of products and professionalism. Great Job!

USA – Dublin, California

USA - May /31/2004
Thank you for your prompt service.

Jaleh Sahandy,
USA – Annapolis, Maryland

USA - May /25/2004
I had some problem to place my order online but, I called customer srevice and they did care my order in very professional way. I'm very happy and I'll recomend you to all my friends. And the delivery was professional too.Thanks again

Afsaneh & omid,
USA – Redwood City, CA

Australia - May /21/2004
Thanks for a fantastic same-day delivery to our father whose birthday we missed. A digital photograph was sent the same day, showing your beautiful bouquet of flowers. Great value. Great service. Please post this message where all involved can see it.

Sahar Farahmand,
Australia – Sydney

USA - May /13/2004
Thanks for your excelent service, definitely I will use it again.

USA – Los angeles

USA - May /12/2004
You provided a great service. Thank you very much.

USA – Horsehead, NY

USA - May /10/2004
I just want to say thank you for your prompt and convinient service.
My order went in a perfect way and made a memorable event for my beloved one. I will recommend your service to my friends and family. Just keep going!

USA – Los Angeles

USA - May /10/2004
very good job . thank you!

USA – Pasadena, CA

USA - May /9/2004
Thank you . You have taken good care of my order. I am happy with your service. keep up with the same quality.


USA - May /6/2004
I received a call today and a very happy voice from the other end was repeatedly thanking me.
I want to thank you for making both sides of that telephone line very happy.
I also like to mention that the rose is a great personal touch.
PLEASE don't change and keep up the good work.

USA – Connecticut

USA - May /3/2004
I am really glad that you people have taken care of the order. I totally understand that the time i have given u people was very less and still the service that u people provide is really fabulous. Once again, Thanks a bunch.

Afroz Motamed,
USA – Dallas, Texas

Sweden - May /2/2004
Thanks for your prompt service. We look forward to using it again. Sincerely,

Sweden – Göteborg

USA - April /29/2004
Thank you for your delivery to my beloved ones on time. It was exelent especially for returning my call right away on Sunday. Although I have not recieved the photo that I was promised yet but I am sure that you guys are great by keepping your level of caring ultimate as real Persian that always have been unique in their hospitality and..... no matter what in Iran or overseas.

Thanks again and good luck with your buisness and .. Allah bless you all soecially if we all do our best to part of our income to our homelan in return to the place that made us who we are today.
Your sincerely

Ali Khezri,
USA – Irvine, California

Germany - April /26/2004
Hello, I got a call that the gift has been delivered. I thank you very much. Specially the rose was a nice additional gift;-)
I have to repeat once again. Very good service. It's worth each cent of it. I surely will use your service again.

Germany – Neuss

USA - April /19/2004
Great Service.

USA – Carmel, Indiana

USA - April /14/2004
Gifttoiran Staff: Thanks so much for ON-TIME DELIVERY of my order. I am very impressed with your service and would be delighted to recommend you to all my friends here in the US!! Good job!!

Sheyda & Nima,
USA – Kerrville, Texas

USA - April /11/2004
I would just like to thank you for delivering my gifts so quickly. I am so impressed with your speedy and swift service, I will definitely use you again. The people who I sent gifts, said that gifts were beautifully wrapped.

S. Sheykhi,
USA – Washington

UK - April /10/2004
Fantastic! What a fabulous site, with wonderful merchandise & great service!
That's the reason I keep coming back.

UK – London

Sweden - April /5/2004
My mother was delighted with her gift. Thanks for excellent service

Sweden – Stockholm

Canada - March /31/2004
Thank you for your fast service . I am very impressed. I will call again in the future.

C. Scarcelli,
Canada - Oakville

Canada - March /28/2004
Happy Nourooz,
I just wanted to send you a thank you note. I did talk to my Mom in Tehran and she was very happy. Your work is very nicely done and we appreciate it. This order was my second order; last one was at Aug 03 for my Dad's birthday and you did nice job then too.
Thank you and God bless you,

Canada - Vancouver

USA - March /23/2004
Dear gift to Iran team,
You people made me cry with joy,and it was so sweet of you people to send the picture for me,my father said he had the feeling that i was with them at the same moment and he was so pleased. thank a lot and i will recomand you to every body.

Sayeh Sadegh,
USA - Santamonica,CA

USA - March /22/2004
Thank you very very much for delivering the flowers I ordered for my mother's birthday on first day od Nurooz They arrived as promised and the flowers looked very fresh and very nicely arrenged, I am extremlet pleased with you service and not only I will use your services for my own future needs, but
i will recommend your site to all my friends as well Keep up the great job and wish you many success.

USA - Houston

Canada - March /19/2004
The sales girl was very helpful, thank you so much. That was very fast service, in the future i,ll be calling you again. Thanks again.

Canada - Oakville,Ontario

Germany - March /18/2004
ich danke jenigen die fuer meine Bestellung taetig waren & werde euch weiter Empfehlen.
weiter so & nochmals danke
Mit freundlichen Gruessen

M. R. Hamidi,
Germany - Hannover

USA - March /16/2004
I just called my sister and she told me that she received her cake and flowers in the morning on her birthday that's really wonderful, I greatly appreciate it because i had placed the order late and didn't think you can deliver it on time. But you did it :)

USA - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

USA - March /15/2004
Thanks a lot , really appreciate you delivering it right on time , it is a great thing you are doing keep it up.

Ramin Masoumi,
USA - Los Angeles, California

Canada - March /10/2004
Hello, I would like to thank you for being prompt in following the special instructions for delivery as I had requested. The early morning delivery of the bouquet was a pleasant surprise for the recipient and it really fulfilled my purpose. I would highly recommend your site to my friends. Thanks again

Azin Soltani,
Canada - Vancouver

Sweden - March /7/2004
Thanks for the beautiful flower and the card.
My wife was very pleased, Thanks!

Sweden - Stockholm

France - March /6/2004
je tenais a vous remercier pour votre excellent service .nous vous remercions.

France - Paris

Canada - March /2/2004
Thanks for your great service. I was really surprised of the quickness of the delivery, very timely and very well done. I got phone calls from my Mother and my Mother-in-law. They were both surprised and very happy.

Dr Hessami,
Canada - Vancouver

USA - February /27/2004
Thank you, thank you, thank so very much. You proved and kept your word, as I said in the email that I've send to you, you've brought light back into my life. So until the next time, I sincerely wish the best of luck to the whole team of Gift To Iran, and all the best in life.
Once again, Thank You.

Kastriot Sejdaj,
USA - New York

USA - February /23/2004
I wanted to tell you thank you for your good and prompt service. The Ebadi family received their flower arrangement, and the flowers were very pretty. Thanks again.

USA - Indiana

USA - February /21/2004
Thank you for delivering the flowers on time. The recipient was very pleased. Keep up the nice work and thanks again.

USA - Los Angeles, CA

Oman - February /16/2004
salam be shoma,
mamnoon az zahamatetoon.motaasefane chon man aman zendegi mikonam nemitoonam javabetoono be englisi bedam vali mitoonam be englesi befahmam.
dar har hal mamnoon. kheili razi boodan. man ham hamintor. hatman baz ham pishetoon sefaresh khahim dad. ye sefareshe dige ham bar 18.febrauary daram bara adresse moghaddse ardebili beine 6 ta 8 shab.
ba tashakkor

sharareh mofidi,

USA - February /15/2004
Please accept my appreciation, for your excellent services and Customer support. I have been using gifttoiran services for 3 orders till now. I am impressed by your commitment and sense of customer support.
Little things, like updating the order status, receivers message etc are the ones, which make a big difference to the customers. I have also been using other services like date reminder service. Please keep up the good work.

USA - Sacramento

USA - February /13/2004
Thank you for a great service, the flowers were delivered in less than 24 hours. I was told they were beautiful. Thank you for making my parents happy on a very special day.

Mansour Mansouri,
USA - St. Louis

Germany - February /10/2004
Dear my new friends, Thank you so much for delivering my gifts to iran. I wish you success.

Siyavash Nasiri,
Germany – Frankfurt

USA - February /9/2004
I am sure it would have been a surprise for the recipient. I must congratulate you and your team. It is one of the very few web sites on whom I think I can rely on even after having a lot of sour experiences in the past with other web sites. Thanks a lot.

Liela Zokaye,
USA – Washington

Canada - February /8/2004
We would like to tell you thank you so very much for delivery of our flowers to our Mother (Hajieh khanoom) on friday. We have blessed prayers with best wishes for you. (ajr shoma ba khoda va hamisheh gol bashid)

Wallace and Nasrin,
Canada– Abbotsford, Vancouver

USA - February /5/2004
I really appreciate your business. The costs are reasonable and the service was good. Thanks

USA – Sunnyvale, Texas

USA- February /4/2004
Hello, I just wanted to give my thanks to all of you who made it possible for my fiancée to get her gift.

USA – Santa Monica, California

USA - January /29/2004
Hi, Just wantted to say that I got the picture, Thank you so much, for your wonderfull service and support.

Foad Dabiri,
USA - Los Angeles, CA

USA - January /29/2004
Your service was excellent without any taarof begham. This was my first time and you certainly did put an excellent first impression on me. I will definitely shop from you guys again and mention you to my other friends. Also, thank you for the picture that you took it was beautiful.

USA - Greenville

USA - January /28/2004
Thanks for excellent customer service. It was first time I shopped from you guys, I shopped before from ..... and their service was really bad. I will introduce your site to all my friends.

Alireza Danesh,

Denmark - January /27/2004
Dear shopiran team,
Thank you for your great service. I am happy to find you guys. Your site has so many gift varieties. Congratulation

Yasaman Rohani,
Denmark – Copenhagen

Canada - January /26/2004
I wanted to congratulate and thank you for the quick response and delivery. My parents said the quality of sweets and the flowers was exceptional. Keep up the good work.

Canada– Vancouver

USA - January /26/2004
Thank You! And I am happy with the order delivery. I would sure like to use again.

Farah Osouli,
USA –San Francisco.

UK - January /24/2004
My gift was delivered on the promised day and time. Thanks for an additional bouquet also. It was a great service.

UK – London

USA - January /18/2004
I’m truly amazed at such a fast response...Well, thanks a lot again, your attitude towards customers has definitely hooked me on to you guys from now on. Regards

Reza Razavi,
USA – New Jersey

Netherlands - January /15/2004
I'm really happy that I chose this service, it was really great and on time, your company did well done.
Good luck

Netherlands – Wageningen

Canada - January /12/2004
Thanks for the excellent service. The item was delivered on time, and
it was exactly as I ordered. You provided a very convenient and good service; I
am confident that I'll do business with you again.

Aslan Hafezi,
Canada – Vancouver

Germany - January /11/2004
Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your confirmation. I also got a confirmation from the receiving party to let me know that the flowers were so gorgeous.

Germany– Frankfurt

USA - January /9/2004
I was impressed by all you did. Thank you so much for your service.
It was great.

USA– Augusta

USA - January /9/2004
Brilliant Service!!!! Many thanks. My Son was very happy. Look forward for more service in future.

Mahnaz Dabiri,
USA – Los Angeles, CA

USA - January /8/2004
I am really impressed by the service your website provided; my gift reached perfectly on time (Jan 6). I was also surprised to find the picture of my mom attached with your last mail. Thank you very much, Regards,

Ali Najian,
USA – Michigan

USA - January /5/2004
I am extremely impressed by your service. First of all you delivered my gift in time and secondly the pictures. I think you guys are doing a great job. Due to all these great service I would definitely use the gift to iran service more often. I would like to congratulate your whole crew for such and excellent service.

USA – New York

Sweden - January /3/2004
This time I really liked your new homepage. The site looks very nice with variety of products and the most of all your delivery services is great.
Best of Luck

Sweden – Stockholm

USA - January /2/2004
Thank you so much for your wonderfull service, I really do appreciate
it. It was really great, I think it will also improve your service if you
mention the delivery hour by an email to your costumers, so they will know when
to call their friends or family after the delivery.
Thank you so much,

Foad Dabiri,
USA– Los Angeles

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