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Please spare a few minutes to share some of your valuable suggestions and comments about our service. To send us email, please simply fill out the form below.(*Required field)

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Here's what they've said about us in 2003:

Canada - December /26/2003
Dear GiftToIran Team,

Thank you so much for your great service. You have very good quality gifts.
You are doing very good job. You are making people happy and bringing love
and peace to all around the world.

Canada– Vancouver

Canada - December /23/2003
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and I also introduced my friends to your site.
Sincerely yours.

M. Kheyrkhah,
Canada– Toronto, Ontario

France - December /20/2003
Thank you very much. my parents were surprised to get the flowers.
This is the first time I do shop on line and I will back to you soon to send more gifts to iran from your website.

France – Paris

USA - December /18/2003
I appreciate your kind service.....I would love to deal with u guys again,

USA– Richmond, Virginia

USA - December /17/2003
Thank you for your help and service.

Ali Rahmani,
USA– Santa Cruz, CA

USA - December /16/2003
I am impressed by the level of service offered, it’s been a pleasure. You guys made my mom so happy.
Thank you so much

USA– Trenton, New Jersey

Germany - December /16/2003
Ba tashakor az service khyli khobe shoma. Madaram be andazeh khoshhal shod. Motmaenan website gifttoiran ro be hameye doostanam dar kharej az keshvar moarefi mikonam.

Jale Farahani,
Germany– Frankfort

USA - December /14/2003
Thanks for having your folks deliver the order, my sister loved it! Regards,

USA– Nashville, Tennessee

USA - December /10/2003
I am very happy with your service and the flowers were well arranged.

M Soltani,
USA– Columbus, Ohio

USA - December /9/2003
Hi, Thanks a lot. I really appreciate. Will surely visit again whenever I need.

USA– San Jose, CA

United Kingdom - December /8/2003
You and your staff have just made two deliveries for me in one day, which I would like to show my gratitude.

Majid Entezami,
United Kingdom – London

Canada - December /7/2003
It was very excellent, on time, well delivered but a little expensive.

Ahmad Moghaddaszade Kermani,
Canada– Victoria

USA - December /2/2003
Thank you for a nice service. I am going to use your site forever. I think that you should provide some discount for returning customer. You should have some baby clothes to your web for the relatives that have a new baby.
Thank you

Afsaneh Tehrani,
USA– Gaithersburg, Maryland

USA - November /30/2003
My mother was very pleased with her 36 red roses beautifully arranged. I'm also very happy that the orders were on time.

USA– New York, NY

USA - November /26/2003
Thanks for having your folks deliver the order, my sister loved it!

USA– Los Angeles, CA

UAE - November /22/2003
Thanks a Lot. I liked the service and would avail of it in future when needed.
Keep up the good work.

UAE– Dubai

Canada - November /19/2003
I have seen your website. I really like the way in which you help the people. Wish You good luck.

Canada– Toronto

USA - November /18/2003
I am very happy with the prompt customer service. I am a big time online shopper for sending gifts to Iran. Your site has had one of the best turns around time in response.

USA– Austin, Texas

France - November /16/2003
Bi nahayat az zahamateton moteshakeram. Omidvaram ke hamishe dar kareton movafagh bashin. Motmaenan websiteton ro be doostanam moarefi mikonam.

France– Paris

USA - November /16/2003
Thanks. My niece was delighted with the flowers. Will contact you again in a couple of months. All the best,

Kaveh Karimi,
USA– Springfield, Illinois

Japan - November /15/2003
Salam be doostanam dar gifttoiran
Man chandin sale ke khanevadam ro nadidam, khyli khoshhalam ke tonestam az rahe dor onha ro khoshhal konam. Az hosne anjame vazifaton mamnonam.

Japan– Yokohama

USA - November /12/2003
I am thankful for your timely delivery of the gift to my family. All of my family members enjoyed it. I appreciate your help. Thanks for sending me their pictures. Please keep me informed on the up coming events.

USA– Los Angeles, CA

USA - November /11/2003
Thank you for the timely delivery and good luck with your service.

USA– Sacramento, CA

USA - November /8/2003
Dear Gifttoiran team,
i appreciated for your greaaaaaaaaaaaat service.
thank you very mauch . You did the best service and i proud of you. thank you again.

USA– Turlock, CA

USA - October /30/2003
thanks for good service.
I will keep this email add in my mine for next order in near future.

USA– Fullerton, CA

USA - October /26/2003
Excellent service, very helpful over the phone, quality of the flower outstanding.
The price is reasonable comparing with IRANGOL.COM
I have had service with them too.
Thank you for the great business. Good luck

venus tahbaz,
USA– Greatfalls, Virginia

Germany - October /23/2003
I'm surprised how good your service worked. Everything was fine.
Flowers look very good (as far as i know) they arrived within 1 Hour after your
message, which is ok for the tehran traffic. All in all very good service. Only
problem is the price. But it's really ok.
Thank You

Germany– Neuss, NRW

USA - October /20/2003
Great service! Thanks for handling the flower delivery so promptly.
Will definitely recommend you to our friends.

Hamid Hamadanian,
USA– Houston

USA - October /19/2003
To All of Gift To Iran people, Who guys are awesome. Great customer service.
I am so happy with my order.
Thank you

USA– Alexandria, Virginia

USA - October /17/2003
Hello, my name is Mehdi Soltani. You had left a message on my answering machine asking if my gift had arrived in Iran because you could not contact the person. Yes thank you very much the gift has arrived safely. Thank you for the excellent service you provide, I recommend you to anyone who wants to send gifts to someone in Iran. I even placed a link to your shop on my website
Iran is the Place to Be!!!

Adam M. Soltani,
USA– Edmond, Oklahoma

Germany - October /11/2003
az peigiri va deghate shoma binahayat motshakerim.

Lida & Mansoor,
Germany– Hagen, NRW

USA - October /11/2003
Hello, Thank you for your excellent service. I'm very happy with the quick delivery, and I will always refer your site to friends and family. My mother received the gift on her birthday. Thank u very much.

USA – California

Canada - October /10/2003
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the lovely gift basket you prepared for my fiance. I wish you much success in this business.

Canada – Toronto

Sweden - October /6/2003
You have very good quality gifts, and good prices. You are doing very good job.

Sweden - Stockholm

USA - October /3/2003
Thank you again!! You have some very beautiful items - I'll definitely be back!!


USA - October/2/2003
I think you did a wonderful job! I was quite impressed with the amount of care they put into the packaging so that my sister was so excited.

Arya Abedin,
USA – New York

Canada - September/30/2003
I did receive a confirmations from my brother to whom I had sent the flowers. The service provided by your team was excellent. Please pass on my personal thanks to your team who executed this order they did a very good job.

Canada – Vancouver

USA - September/29/2003
Thanks for the gift delivery. Your service is excellent. Keep it up!


USA - September/28/2003
Thanks a lot for your great service.

USA – Palo Alto, CA

USA - September/27/2003
I just received 3 pictures of my parents.
Thank you for your pleasant service. Until next time.


USA - September/23/2003
Thank you so much for your great service.

USA – Marietta, Georgia

USA - September/19/2003
Sam's parents really enjoyed their night at Hotel Tehran restaurant and we are very grateful for your perfect choice and service. Your website is very easy to navigate and the prices are reasonable. We would definitely recommend your service to our friends and family.

Armita & Sam,
USA – Stanford, CA

USA - September/11/2003
My father called me from Iran yesterday. He was very happy and excited for the gift. I wanted to thank Gifttoiran group for their on time service.


Canada - September/10/2003
So many thanks for your great service. My present made my parents very happy.

Canada – Vancouver

UK - September/10/2003
I am really thankful for the picture I received. I could see that real smile and real happiness again!

Mohsen K.,
UK - London

USA - September/6/2003
I am really happy to find this website. My sister got my gift and she was very surprise and happy. Thanks for your fantastic service.

Sahar Pezeshki,

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