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Iranian Holidays - 2008
   17 Tuesday 27 Esfand Chahar Shanbeh Souri
   20 Thursday 29 Esfand Day of Nationalization of the Oil Industry
   21 Friday 01 Farvardin Eid-e-Norouz
   01 Tuesday 13 Farvardin Sizdah Bedar
   17 Thursday 29 Farvardin Rooz-e-Artesh
   02 Thursday 12 Ordibehesht Rooz-e Moallem
   10 Tuesday 21 Khordad Rooz-e Sanaye Dasti
   07 Thursday 17 Mordad Rooz-e Khabarnegar
   22 Friday 01 Shahrivar Rooz-e Pezeshk
   17 Wednesday 27 Shahrivar Rooz-e Sher va Adabe Farsi (Rooze bozorgdashte Ostad Shahriar)
   27 Saturday 06 Mehr Rooz-e Jahangardi
   08 Wednesday 17 Mehr Rooz-e Jahani Kodak
   11 Saturday 20 Mehr Rooz-e Bozorgdashte Hafez
   06 Saturday 16 Azar Rooz-e-Daneshjoo
   16 Monday 25 Azar Mother's Day
   20 Saturday 30 Azar Shabe Yalda
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